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For Friday, November 2, 2012

Hour 1: Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense for GW Bush.

Hour 2: Happiness Hour — Every one has a superstorm Sandy in their life and if they haven’t they will. How can you deal with it and remain happy?

Hour 3: Open Lines
11:20 Scott Noble, Founder of the New American Energy Opportunity Foundation and President of Noble Royalties, an oil and gas company.


Rumsfeld on Benghazi Fiasco
He’s not impressed, to say the least. Rumsfeld Interview, Part 2
Like the rest of us, he wonders where the press is.

White House Only Slowly Parcels Out Benghazi Info
We don’t to jeopardize President’s chances, do we?

One Side Is Going to Be Very Wrong on Tuesday
Why are Democrats and Republicans coming to such different conclusions?

Who Pushes the Democrats Ground Game
It’s not students. It’s not volunteers. It’s union members.

Bloomberg Endorses Obama
The mayor must stand even higher in Tom Friedman’s estimation.

Krauthammer Summarizes The Choice
And in the processes sounds very much like you do almost every day.

Roger Cohen: Let’s Hope Feminine Good Sense Prevails
Don’t bother reading his column which is boring; read the comment from Sarah D. of Montague, MA. Priceless.

America: The Last Frontier for Medical Breakthroughs
It’s the only place where high risk therapies have a chance to break through and make money. That will all change with ObamaCare. Then, where will the inventors go?

Life in the Weird Lane: Man Who Thinks He’s a Woman Enjoys Sauna in Teenage Girls’ Locker Room
The video report says a lot about the decline of Western Civilization. It won’t surprise you that Evergreen State is involved.

Here’s the Fox News Report
Jim Beer found this one. It reflects later developments. The story first broke in early October.

Prager 20121101 – 3 Landslide

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Dick Morris. The Fox political analyst believes that Mitt Romney is headed to a big win on Tuesday…. Dennis also talks to Lee Habeeb, columnist for National Review, and one of the prime movers behind the Power of 10 voter campaign… Evangelicals, once thought to be problematical, have become enthusiastic Mitt Romney supporters. Their vote and enthusiasm may swing the election Romney’s way.

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Prager 20121101 – 2 More Racism

Prager H2: A new study has found more racism not less since Barack Obama has become president. But when you tunnel into the study (you don’t have to go very deep), you find how absurd it is… Dennis returns to the Global Warming hysteria, freshly minted following Sandy… Dennis talks to Josh Mandel, candidate for Senate in the key state of Ohio.

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Prager 20121101 – 1 Everything Is Political

Prager H1: To the Left everything is political. Even a World Series celebration. Sergio Romo, the team’s closer, his hat flipped backwards, wears a t-shirt with a political message at the San Francisco Giants’ victory parade… The Global Warming crowd has come out in full force post-Sandy… Egypt is moving toward a full Islamist state, substituting a religious dictatorship for a secular dictatorship.

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