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For Thursday, November 8, 2012

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WSJ: Republicans and Hispanics
They should be on our side.

Henninger: The Great Divider
This may be the President’s most enduring legacy. The country is more divided than any time in the last half century.

White “Race Riot” at Ol’ Miss, Says, WaPo
If this turns out to be nothing, which if you read the whole piece, may well prove to be the case, then this is very irresponsible journalism by the Post. Let’s track it.

You Asked about Rush
Here’s what he said.

More Riots in Athens
Something to look forward to.

Anti Mohammed Trailer Maker Gets a Year in Can
I’m sure this will make at all okay in the Muslim world.

Obama Wins in 8 of 10 Wealthiest Counties
So much for the wealthy favoring Republicans.

Detroit Elects 8 Time Loser to State Legislature
Guess: Is he a Democrat or a Republican?

Good News: Labor Took Some Defeats
Though not in CA.

A Newspaper in Warrenton, VA Picks Up Your Commentary
And places it in the middle of a news story.

Transgendered Man in Ladies Locker Room Story

Letter #1:


I was appalled by your hysterical, hateful, and unreasonable statement on your show this morning in which you said (very nearly, if not exactly) “[The Left says] So what if a little girl sees male genitalia in the ladies room [because a transgendered male is using it].”

That was despicable. The only way a little girl or anyone else could conceivably see male genitalia in the ladies room would be if they crawled under the stall door where a transgender was doing their business. Otherwise they are no more going to see male genitalia in the ladies room than they are going to see female genitalia in the ladies room, which doesn’t happen either. Please get a grip.

To suggest that TGs go around ladies’ rooms waving their genitalia around is foaming at the mouth barking mad and completely evil minded of you. If you are anything like the mensch I have long supposed you to be you will take it back on the air and apologize for letting your hatred of the transgendered overwhelm your reason and your decency.

Letter #2:


It is my turn to apologize. I took your remark out of the context of the story you had been discussing, although I did not know that because I had only just turned on the radio. There is in my mind a huge difference between a public women’s restroom and a locker room: there is no nudity at all in the former and of course complete nudity in the latter.

Please understand I am as disgusted as you are by both the behavior of the transgendered person in the Washington college story and the Leftist mentality that seeks to normalize such. Stories like that one harm all of us and create a backlash mentality against the “silent majority” of transgenders who just try to live their lives without causing any disruptions at all; these are the people you will never see in any news story. A minority of bad apples create an environment of hysteria in which the innocent suffer most, as with all such situations.

Again, my apology for not being aware of your context. I heard “ladies’ room” not “ladies’ locker room,” whether or not that is exactly what you said. I know now the latter is what you were talking about.

Dennis Replies:

It is admirable that you apologized. But I still don’t understand the first letter. For two reasons:

First, if you have listened to me for any length of time, did I really deserve such a vituperative letter? Why would you not give me the benefit of any doubt you had?

Second, I don’t see the great difference that you do between showing one’s male genitalia in a high school girls locker room or in a high school ladies room.

Best wishes,
Dennis Prager

Worse than Wasted Vote

I have heard you say that its a wasted vote to vote Libertarian. I live in CA it is going to Obama, why shouldn’t I vote my heart in a state already lost to Obama?

Dennis replies:

Because it’s important that Republicans get as large a popular vote as possible.
Thank you for asking.