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For Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hour 1: 9:20 Adam Freedman, The Naked Constitution: What the Founders Said and Why It Still Matters

Hour 2:

Hour 3: Ultimate Issues Hour

Petraeus Affair Just Gets More Bizarre
Lots of Peyton Place. Very little light.

WSJ: US Will Be the World’s Leading Energy Producer Again
This like a new gold rush. But the Administration could grind it all to halt.

Hostess Closes Three Bakeries Struck by Union Workers
Do you think the union leadership cares?

Google Supports Obama Big Time
Obama Justice Department goes after their business — big time. I won’t be crying. Sue found this one.

Should Women Be in the Marine Corp?
Michael O’Hanlon, like the good Brookings Institution liberal that he is, isn’t sure. I am.

Bret Stephens: Republicans Aren’t So Bad Off
He calls for a classic socially liberal, fiscally conservative stance. I can agree with most of it except same sex marriage.

These Kind of Things Just Make You Mad
If it weren’t for the WSJ, it would go unremarked. A known terrorist killer and torturer of Americans will soon go free in Iraq. Didn’t have to happen.

Sowell: Republicans Need a Clear Message
Why would anyone want to vote for a “moderate” Republican when they know they can much more reliably get the good stuff from the Democrat?


Parents Who Took on Loans to Pay for Kids Going to College Now Bankrupt
You don’t hear much about this part of the debacle.

In 59 Voting Areas of Philadelphia Romney Received No Votes
19K to zero.

Prager 20121112 – 2 The Gulf

Prager H2: It isn’t excellence that the Left desires, but equality… Businesses are already starting to adjust to ObamaCare. The mostly likely to suffer are those who most likely voted for Obama… The “new normal” is a massively higher federal budget. Or to put it another way, Obama has jacked up spending like no other President before him and he’s just getting started. What have we gotten for it?
… Dennis returns to the Petraeus affair.

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