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For Wednesday, November 14, 2012

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Hour 3: George Gilder, The Israel Test


What Lesson Does the NY Times Draw from the Petraeus Affair?
Military men are abusing their power. They stop just short of calling for the entire armed forces to be closed down.

Now We Know All about the Tampa Social Scene
How did I survive without this knowledge?

Another General Gets Yanked into the Morass
This is really getting complicated. And silly.


Petraeus Conducted His Own Benghazi Investigation
Went to Libya on his own. I’m sure he knows a lot


Even Krauthammer Speculates about Possible Administration Blackmailing of Petraeus
I don’t think I’ve heard him suggest this “black ops” before. I’m not ready to go there yet myself.

WSJ: Which President Will Show Up on Friday?
The President or the grand compromise President. Which would you guess?

Sweden Tries to Erase Genders
People think this extreme. They thought that about same sex marriage ten years ago.

Fordham Bails Out on Ann Coulter
Too much heat for College Republicans to take. Sad.

Palestine Is Not a State
Nor does it have the makings of state. Neatly laid out in this fine piece in Commentary.

Asian, Blacks, Latinos, and Single Women Make CA Solid Blue
If CA is the future, the future is bleak.,0,5979693.story

WSJ: The GOP Can Win Back Immigrants
They don’t buy the Heather Macdonald theory.

Prager 20121113 – 1 Fear Strikes Out

Prager H1: CNN discusses the Conservative brain. It’s all about the amygdala, the part of the brain that deals with fear… Dennis talks to Adam Freedman, legal blogger for Richochet. com. His new book is The Naked Constitution: What the Founders Said and Why It Still Matters… Google employees and founders supported President Obama — big time. And now the Obama Administration is going after Google’s business – big time.

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