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For Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hour 1: 9:30   Larry Schweikart profes­sor of history at the University of Dayton. His new book is A Patriot’s History of the Modern World: From America’s Exceptional Ascent to the Atomic Bomb: 1898-1945

Hour 2:

Hour 3: 11:00 Larry Elder, friend and fellow talk show host. His new book is Dear Father, Dear Son: Two Lives… Eight Hours


NYT: Israel Response to Gaza Rockets Disproportionate
Somehow they fail to mention that in the last months hundreds of rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel. Isn’t that a relevant detail?

WSJ Has a Different View
As the US recedes, the region gets ever more dangerous.

President Insists “Rich” Pay More
52% of the population votes to raise taxes on 2% of the population. The 2% already pay almost 50% of all income taxes. Most of the 52% pay nothing. Sounds fair.

WSJ: President Would Love to Go Over the Cliff
They look at the numbers. They suggest that the cliff is exactly where Obama wants to be.

Henninger: Obama Never Stopped Campaigning
And his campaign machine never went home. From this angle, he may have had an insuperable advantage.

Janet Daley: The US Suddenly Grows Old
Is there anyone writing more clearly than she is right now?

Obama Affirms His Belief in Man Made “Climate Change”
And he’s going to do something about it to save future generations. Don’t worry about the debt that future generations have to pay, but let’s take care of that climate thing.

But Data Shows the World Hasn’t Warmed at All
In the aggregate there’s been very little movement over the last 16 years.–chart-prove-it.html

Obama: I Told Susan Rice What to Say
Naturally, this doesn’t clear up anything.

Krauthammer: Obama May Regret His Answer on Rice
As usual, his analysis is perceptive.

Universities Big Givers to Obama Campaign
U of California the biggest.

$75M for This?
It’s worth it, right? Come on, you think it was easy to do?

Illinois Schools a Disaster
The solution is obvious: more money.,0,3874827.story

Christmas Tree Controversy in Denmark
Muslims in Denmark are violently against any Christmas celebrations in their neighborhoods.

What Republicans Must Do to Win Hispanics
In this analysis, Republicans can’t win because we don’t go into the Hispanic community and organize like the Left. They have a permanent ground game thanks to La Raza and other organizations.

Now We Know the Mystery FBI Agent Who Started the Petraeus Affair
We know way too much. But like a train wreck, who can turn away?

Another Billion Dollar Company Is about to Have Its World Rocked
Is this really necessary? Is there anything you can’t OD on? Is it purely a coincidence that the owner is a leading conservative donor?

Prager 20121114 – 1 Solid Blue

Prager H1: California is now solid blue. Steeped in debt and overtaxed, the Democrats see a bright future for the state now that they’re in complete control. Others don’t… The Petraeus Affair has become as complex as a soap opera. In the meantime, we have lost one of the best military strategists in the country, someone who has a profound understanding of Iran and the nature of terrorism… Dennis talks to Sarah Westwood, a Republican student at George Washington University who believes that the Party has to shed its “Bible thumping, gay-bashing” positions.

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