Plymouth Rock


For Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hour 1:

Hour 2: 10:00 Errol Morris, award winning documentary film-maker. His new book is A Wilderness of Error: The Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald

Hour 3: Ultimate Issues Hour


NYT Starts Off Blaming Hamas And ends up blaming Israel! They just can’t help themselves.

Stephens: It Was a Mistake to Withdraw from Gaza All the assumptions about what would transpire were wrong. Don’t miss the last line.

CA Forces Car Makers to Sell Cars at a Huge Loss Politicians try to engineer results and just create problems.

How Long Before Thanksgiving Is Reconsidered? Not long. And it will start here.

But This Isn’t Helping I’m all for free enterprise, but do retailers have some responsibility to the culture?

Forget Christmas That’s already under full attack.

Hamas: Invade Us, We Dare You The sick thing is that’d welcome it. They could kill some Jews.

Erodogan: Israel a Terrorist State Look what Islam is doing to Turkey.

Krugman: Let’s Go Back to 91% Tax Rate So, Kennedy was wrong when he lowered rates?

WSJ Anger at Roberts ObamaCare Decision Hasn’t Abated Why should it?

NYT Endorses Race Based Admissions For some reason racial diversity is critical. But they don’t say why.

What Boys Need A thoughtful article in the Globe and Mail.