For Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hour 1: 9:20 Simon Montefiore, Best-selling historian. His new book is Jerusalem: The Biography.

Hour 2: Male/Female Hour

Hour 3:


Most Divorces over Dishes Not Dames
According to this intriguing research.

ObamaCare Plan Finally Released
Should be marked down as the day private insurance ended.

Hamas Summarily Executes Suspected Spies
Think these poor souls got a fair trial? Is this the kind of justice that the enlightened Left in Europe and the US endorses? How about dragging a body through the streets? Maybe it’s just their culture.

Ajami: Arabs Don’t Give a Rat’s Ass about Gaza
Sure, they’ll yell and wail, but that’s about it. They’ve got their own problems.

How Did We Miss This?
Transgendered Remberence Day was today (Tuesday).

Obama in Cambodia
Avoids any reference to past or present. The way this story is written, it’s a given that the US was responsible for the emergence of the Khmer Rouge? Huh? This is the usual Leftist claptrap.

Petraeus Affair: From the Absurd to the More Absurd
What would a sex scandal be without Gloria Allred?

France (last week) and Now UK Endorse Syrian Opposition
Whoever they are.

India Hangs Mumbai Terrorist
To their great credit.

Mehlman: Conservatives Should Support Same Sex Marriage
He takes the “it promotes conservative values” approach.

Prager 20121120 – 2 Gaza

Prager H2: Has Israel ever gotten any long term benefit from exchanging land for peace?… California is forcing car companies to lose money in service of their dubious green agenda… Dennis talks to Errol Morris, award winning documentary film-maker. His new book is A Wilderness of Error: The Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald.

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Prager 20121120 – 1 Gray

Prager H1: The NY Times and other liberal publications have a hard time telling the difference between good and evil. That’s a conservative, religious notion and thus scorned… If Israel’s defensive action kills more Palestinians than Palestinian rockets kill Israelis, then the Israeli response is disproportionate… Nativity scenes have been banned from Santa Monica, CA.

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