Vertical Limit


For Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hour 1: Proof of Heaven

Hour 2: M/F Hour: He Wants You

Hour 3:


ACLU Sues to Allow Women in Combat
This organization is truly vile. But that’s hardly a revelation.,0,963538.story

Rice Charm Offensive Backfires
McCain not mollified. Just the opposite. But McCain and his associates are all racists anyway so why should we care what they think?

100K Turnout to Protest Morsi
Does the Brotherhood care? I doubt it.

Massive Student Debt: The Government Gives Loans Freely
Who do you think is going to end up paying for all of this?

Young Hispanics Veer Left
Just like young everybody.

Prager 20121127 – 1 Over the Cliff

Prager H1: There’s a good argument to be made by conservatives that we should go over the fiscal cliff. If as the President asserts, the economy was so great during the Clinton years when taxes were higher – for the rich and middle class — then why not go back there? … The Democrats are leading a counter-revolution against our first revolution in 1776… Was the election a mandate for larger government?

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