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For Friday, November 30, 2012


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Geithner Meeting with Republicans Doesn’t Get Anywhere

Democrats want to raise taxes. Don’t want to cut spending.


Strassel: Obama Asks for More, Offers Less

How is this negotiation supposed to go anywhere? It’s not.


WSJ:  Only Growth Can Secure Obama Legacy

The Journal assumes that’s the legacy he wants or even understands.


Krauthammer: Just Walk Away

Republicans can’t take this deal or anything like it.


UN Votes to Upgrade Palestinian Status

How does this change anything, except allow Israel to be dragged into International Criminal Court. That all the Arab and third world countries voted for it is sad, but predictable; that France, Italy and Spain did is sick. And Australia and the UK had to abstain?


Here’s the NYT Report

Hamas restates its position. Israel has no right to exist. Does what Hamas says mean nothing to France et al?


NBC: Republicans Have a White Male Problem

This is from the primetime news broadcast.


96% of Ivy Professors Supported Obama

That low?


French Hospital Does Rare Human Heart Style Surgery on a Dog

Why not? If there is no God, then why are we worth more than a dog?


Government to Teach Condom Negotiation

How about teaching good values.