Prager 20121231 – 3 The End

Prager H3: The last hour of the 2012 Prager Show… Dennis explains why having passions is the key to being an interesting person and an interesting talk show host.

Prager 20121231 – 2 Less or More

Prager H2: Dennis continues the discussion: what would you like to hear more or less of in the coming year… It’s a good thing to think about the coming year and what you could do to improve your life…

Prager 20121228 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: is it better for children for parents to stay together even if they don’t like each other; should parents spend large sum of money to send their child to a private elementary school.

Prager 20121227 – 1 Two Old Friends Down

Prager H1: Dennis bemoans the closing of two of his favorite restaurants – a deli and a diner. Mostly, he feels terrible for the serving people whom he knows well who are now out of job… Dennis discusses the last bigotry – against those who love sardines… The open lines policy for the week continues.

Prager 20121226 – 3 More Open Lines

Prager H3: Issues raised include: should a man 23 marry a woman 12 years older; what do you do when someone calls you a bigot; are men being emasculated in contemporary culture, even in children’s books.

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