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For Tuesday, December 4, 2012


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Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of Great Britain. The Great Partnership: Science, Religion, and the Search for Meaning




NY Times Continue to Struggle

The business model doesn’t work. Who knows where they’ll be five years from now.


IRS Issues 159 Pages of New Tax Law for One Piece of ObamaCare

Can you imagine having to read it? Let alone figure it out.


GOP Counters on Cliff Talks

Democrats scoff. This is getting very boring. Let’s just go off the cliff and be done with it.


Give ‘em What They Want

Thoughtful gifts are worth a lot less than you think.


Europe Summons Israel Ambassadors over Settlements

They’re angry at Bibi. Not Abbas or Hamas. Israel. The world is upside down.


John Lott Answers Bob Costas’ Gun Control Plea

Facts don’t matter to the Left.


Here’s What Costas Said

He quotes a sports writer. It’s one cliche after another.

Prager 20121203 – 2 Leftism Let Loose

Prager H2: Can we have a selfless society without God? Europe provides an answer. Religious values are like cut flowers, as they leave the Judeo-Christian soil, they die. People focus on too much religion, but nobody focuses on what too much secularism can do. Left-wing ideology has helped destroy good men. The lowest birth rate in U.S. history was 2011. What does this portend for the U.S.?

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Prager 20120312 – 1 Fiscal Cliff

Prager H1: Will we go over the fiscal cliff? The left speaks of higher tax rates on only folks like Warren Buffett, but will tax hikes hit others? We have gone from stigmatizing single motherhood to glorifying it. Republicans lack articulate spokesmen. Why? Because it’s harder to articulate the conservative position than it is to articulate the liberal position.

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