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For Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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The Economy Is Doing So Well We Need More Stimulus
Huh? IBD contrasts this info with what the media was pushing weeks before election.

WSJ: The Budget Baseline Gag
This has been going on for decades. Both parties toss around nonsense numbers. When is it going to stop?

More Glories of Nationalized British Medicine
Even a former high government British official is a victim.

The Poor Do Much Better Under Democrats
I’d really like to know how he reached this conclusion. I want to talk to Tim Groseclose about this.,0,7263823.story

More Crazy Pet Stuff
Is there something in the air. Or is this a sea change?

Adelson: I’m Not Giving Up
Gotta love his attitude.

US Oil Output at 15 Year Hight
Incredibly Obama takes credit for this. It has happened despite of him. And should be much higher.

Major NY Synagogue Endorse Palestinian UN Upgrade
Pathetic. At least some object. Joseph and David know lead rabbi well.

Student Activists Turn on University Endowments
They’re not Green enough. Students want all “carbon” investments gone. Talk about a brainwash. And the colleges have done it. I’m happy if it haunts them. But it won’t for long They’ll cave. The students know better.