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For Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hour 1:
9:30 Paul Croshaw

Hour 2:

Hour 3: 11:00 Greg Gutfeld, The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph over Whiners in the Age of Phony Outrage


Egypt Fights Itself
I assume this will end up with some sort of crackdown, but who knows? As you noted, who does the military side with?

Charity Christmas Concert Cancelled
All it took was one threatening letter from one threatening atheist loony.

America’s Shameful Treatment of Iraqi Support Staff
We’ve basically abandoned them.

ObamaCare Medical Device Tax to Go into Effect January 1
The big companies can deal with this. The small companies will be badly hurt. The small companies innovate.

Gallup: Democrats Like Socialism
According to this new poll.

Henninger: Republicans Must Hang Tough
They were elected not to raise taxes.

Egyptian Women Suffer Terrible Public Harassment
Men don’t fear arrest.

Should the Photographer Have Helped Man Pushed onto Train
Instead he took the picture.

Assad Might Really Be Toast
What will follow nobody knows.

This Is What Stopping Young Latinos from Reading?
The characters have to look like them? Really?

Prager 20121205 – 3 Green Student Radicals

Prager H3: Students are trying to force their universities to divest from “carbon” producers. This way they feel good about themselves. Cheap grace… Cuba is slowly moving toward capitalism, or, to put it another way, freedom. So, what was all that communist tyranny about? Wasn’t communism supposed to give the proletariat a better life? Dennis saw the same waste of lives in Vietnam.

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