Prager 20121207 – 1 Debt Dent

Prager H1: There is no economic sense behind the President’s desire to raise taxes on the “rich.” It won’t make a dent in the debt. But it feels good to the Left… The Islamists in Egypt, according to the NY Times, are opposed by “the secularists.” So where are all the moderate Muslims?

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Creating New Conservatives


I heard your segment on the need to convert 1/10 democrats to republicans. I am an unemployed 23 year old finance grad with around half of my friends Obama supporters. You mentioned the need to have a 1 hour segment about how to respond to common democrat talking points. But what I was wondering is if you could have a segment on how to articulate the 3 most effective republican points to our democratic friends. Thanks

Dennis Replies:

A few of my Prager University five-minute courses would be an
excellent way to begin.

All the best,

Prager Carolla Tour


Was in Sacto with my wife to see you and Adam. Big fan of both, although I found him through you because I’m your age. However, I asked a few of “Adam’s fans” for whom they came, fully guessing NOT for you. However, everyone of Adam’s fans were impressed and will TRY and listen! So bravo Dennis, a perfect elixor to educate and hopefully motivate the next gen-somethings. We had a great time, the crowd was to big and the hour too late to pass on a Prager, not for Hewitt, cigar, perhaps next time. Love the podacasts. Be well.

Dennis Replies:

Thank you. It’s encouraging.


Truth about the Israeli and Palestinian conflict


Can you please point me to sources I can trust?
I debate the moral side of Israel’s position and am constantly met with
opposing rhetoric, half truths and over generalizations.

Thank you.

Dennis replies:

Try this:

And this:

And this:

Best wishes,

Young Morality


Just left your AC/DP show at the Paramount in Seattle. We brought two friends with us, and back to the house with us, and a lot of lively discussion ensued. I’ve been a fan of both you and Carolla for a long time, and I love how Adam brings the pungent and you bring the gravitas. One thing didn’t ring true with me. I mean this constructively, so I hope that’s how I say it. The story about the 4 high schools graduating nearly all shoplifters-at-heart. That was so depressing that I need more to believe it. Maybe it was just kids messing with you all raising their hands. Anyhow, if that’s really a valid data point, I despair. I don’t know if you’ve ever read Bully by Jim Schutze, but it sounds like you’re saying everyone now in high school is like those kids who casually and lazily committed that murder a couple of decades ago. I remember after reading that book noticing how many of my daughter’s high school friends were like that, but it wasn’t that many, just some. Extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence, and I’m just saying that it’s an extraordinary claim to say that 90% of high schoolers would raise their hands in public, on video, as shoplifters-at-heart.

Dennis Replies:

They claimed that they would not do it from a mom and shop, but would from a department store. And this cannot be compared to committing a murder. No hands would have been raised regarding murder.

Thanks for coming.
Dennis Prager

Good and Bad Inclinations

Dear Dennis,

What was the exact quote you talked about the other day when you talked about having a bad side under control but a good side does more damage? Thanks!

Dennis Replies:

I have my yetzer hara under control; it’s my yetzer hatov that gets me into trouble.