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For Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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N Korea Launches Big Rocket
We treat this country as a big joke. It’s not.

Family Farms Will Be Hit Hard by New Estate Tax Rates
Does anybody who owns a family farm vote Democrat?

Obama Backs Syrian Rebels
Which rebels? Does anybody know who’s in charge? Is anyone in charge?

UK Conservative Government to Legalize Same Sex Marriage
Can polygamy be far behind? Note that they have an “Equalties Minister.” What the hell is that?

Is This UT Professor about to Land in Hot Water?

This occurred during a BBC interview.

More on Government Workers and Their Pay and Benefit Bonanza
A long detailed article with lots of horror stories.

Lee Ohanian: High Tax, High Regulation Never Work
Look what happened to European production rates and innovation in every decade since the 70’s.

Google Keeps Billions in Bahamas
And then enthusiastically supports Democrats and Leftist tax policies.

Taranto: Unions Engage in Thuggish Behavior
Media nods their silent approval.


FLASHBACK: Robert Baro on Right to Work
He provides some history.


Two Murdered by Masked Shooter at Oregon Mall
More will be known tomorrow. Clackamas is a suburb on Portland.

Dodgers Spending Like Drunken Sailor
Have a bigger payroll than the Yankees now.

Prager 20121211 – 2 PSY

Prager H2: Dennis reviews comments he made on The Hannity Show last night. The subject was the hideous anti-American statements made by a Korean rapper who sang at the White House Christmas Party… Dennis talks to James Sherk, Senior Policy Analyst in Labor Economics at the Heritage Foundation about Michigan’s new Right to Work law. How can it be Constitutional to force someone to join a union?

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