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Prager 20121212 – 3 Not Strong, Not Good

Prager H3: If you’re not strong when faced with evil, then it’s hard to say you’re good. This applies to individuals as well as to nations… A University of Texas professor tells the BBC that to be raised by an impoverished single mother is far from the ideal. For this he has been excoriated as a racist… Google is parking money in Bermuda to avoid high U.S. corporate taxes. But the company contributes heavily to Leftist causes.

Prager 20121212 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Overweighting

Prager H2: At a restaurant in the town of Stockton, CA a bartender referred to three overweight young women as “the fat girls.” The bartender should be fired. Businesses can’t afford to offend their customers. But Dennis wonders if we have become so sensitive to the subject of weight that we are doing a disservice to women who need to slim down to attract a man.

Prager 20121212 – 1 12/12/12

Prager H1: This combination of 12/12/12 won’t happen again until 01/01/01. That’s 2101. These tidbits fascinate the host… A would be mass murderer killed two people in Oregon yesterday. What was his motive?… Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, praises Chinese communism… N Korea successfully launches a three stage rocket. The Left thinks that N Korea can be reasoned with. The Left is na├»ve about evil.

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