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For Friday, December 14, 2012

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Rice Pulls Out of Foggy Bottom Race
Good. She is utterly unsuited for the job. Now we get Kerry. He’s utterly unsuited for the job.

President and Speaker Don’t Seem Close on Cliff
If Boehner caved, could he sell it to his members? You know the President isn’t going to budge. So how does a deal get made?

ObamaCare Adds 13K Pages of New Regulations
This is going to be the true mother of bureaucratic morasses.

Death Penalty of Three Murderers Overturned by Judge
Who cites prosecutors use of “racially” charged words. Watch the video embedded in the story.. Sick making.

Russians Abandon Assad
Looks like the ophthalmologist better get out why he still has his head.

Krauthammer: History Is on the Side of Right to Work
Not the unions.

Krugman: The Republican Dream Has Ended
To extent I find anything he writes interesting, what interested me about this column is that while he describes what he believes is the Republicans dream, he never describes the Democrats dream. So what is it? A giant welfare state that spends vastly more than it takes in year after year? A Nobel Prize winning economist thinks that is viable?

Redskins Quarterback Can’t Really Be Black
Because he has a white girlfriend and might be a closet Republican.

Jindal: If Buying Contraception Is Like Buying Cough Medicine It’s a Non Issue
And soon it will be.

Teenage Girl Generates Controversy Getting Her Brother a Gender Neutral Easy Bake Oven
They are marketed for little girls. What if a little boy wants to be a chef? Oh, the injustice! It just rankles.

Georgia Congressman Apologies Deeply and Profoundly for Saying the Word “Midget”
Don’t think he ever apologized for saying that Guam might tip over.

Was Sexual Abuse Just Part of Religious Life?
If you read the NYT it sure seems like it. There’s almost a new sex scandal every week.

Angles Sign Hamilton
If he stays healthy, the Angels will have a formidable offense.

Prager 20121213 – 3 Thuggery

Prager H3: Union members engaged in thuggish behavior in Michigan and the media yawns. A Michigan legislator cries “there will be blood” and the media yawns. Would they yawn over such provocations if they came from the Right?… Educators complain that Latino kids aren’t reading because they can’t relate to the white characters in their school books… American soldiers have been ordered not to refer to the Taliban as “the enemy.”

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