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For Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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The Latest “Snapped” Theory: Angry that His Mother Wanted to Have Him Committed
And that she loved the kids at school more than him.

People with Mental Illness Very Rarely Kill
The focus on mental illness is misguided.

Boehner Proposes Pelosi/Schumer Tax
Increase on those who earn over $1M. Not for anyone else.

WSJ Doesn’t Like It
It’s not millionaires who will be hurt, but small businesses. Won’t mean anything to budget deficit.

Racist Governor Chooses Black to Fill DeMint Seat
The Left will not be fooled by this cynical tokenism.

This Brilliant Black Professor Proves It
So there. Tim Scott is just another Uncle Tom.

Benghazi: Independent Review Finds State at Fault
Hillary promises to fix the problems. But why were there “problems” in the first place?

The World Is Warming Only Slightly
And that’s actually a good thing. If this author is correct (it all sounds right), then the whole “climate change” thing is a total fraud.

Taliban Target Anti-Polio Workers
This is in Pakistan. But these are the people who will probably be back in charge in Afghanistan soon. Sad to think about it.

California High School Named after Notorious Murderer
Hispanic city council members say he was freedom fighter.  Robbed and murdered for freedom. Makes sense.

Wikipedia Doesn’t Seem to Have Any Doubts He Was a Murderer
Why not Jesse James High School?

Nobody Wants Hagel for Defense
Except the President and J Street.

Who Are Suicidal Mass Murderers?
In the Middle East they blow up innocent civilians; in America they shoot up schools and malls. The motives are the same; it’s only the culture that is different.