Guns and Newtown

It’s not only the left who are concerned with the easy access to guns and the senseless sale of automatic weapons and huge ammunition clips. It’s anybody with empathy and feelings for human beings. Is this empathy not available on the right? Stop bringing political ideology into this national disaster and America’s shame. Inserting politics into this medical and human rights outrage is ignorant and superficial. You are part of the problem not part of the solution.

Dennis Replies:

How ironic that I just now returned from speaking tonight in Rancho Mirage to some 300 Jews gathered for the annual Jewish National Fund dinner.

Had you been there I would have asked you if you actually read my column. Because if you did, you would have had no reason to believe that I don’t have at least as much “empathy and feelings for human beings” as you believe you do.

It is not with regard to “empathy and human feelings” that we differ. Where we differ is that unlike you, I believe that gun murders in America are more an issue of the weakened consciences of murderers than of gun availability.

Why you consider that position “ignorant and superficial” is not something you explained, so I have no way of responding.

And, finally, no automatic weapons are allowed to be bought or sold.

Best wishes,
Dennis Prager

What Is Americanism?

Mr. Prager:

I was listening to your show yesterday, and was struck by your idea that
Romney would have defeated Obama if he had simply framed the national debate
correctly. You said it was a tactical mistake for Romney to have talked
about jobs, jobs, jobs, which you noted was too small an idea and didn’t
properly highlight what was at stake:
Americanism vs. Leftism. I believe that’s how you stated it.

I find it a dishonest comment because it implies that “Americanism”
is some pure, undiluted ideology as defined by Dennis Prager. By
contrasting Americanism and Leftism, you are saying that whatever
Americanism is, it is opposed to and even the inverse of leftism. And of
course that is ridiculous. If so-called leftism is “socialist”
notions of redistribution of wealth, of egalitarianism, than Americanism has
definitely some of those ideas floating around.
Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, the entire tax code are based on the
notion of redistribution of wealth. You cannot strip these organs from
Americanism without killing the patient. Just as you can’t strip
individualism, free markets etc. from Americanism either. These ideas are
all competing in America’s marketplace of ideas. Sometimes right wing ideas
are ascendent, sometimes, as now, left wing ideas are winning the day.

Why is it you can’t acknowledge that left-wing ideas are also part of
Americanism? If Obama represents leftism to you in all its sordid details
than clearly leftism is part of Americanism because Americans voted him in
overwhelmingly. So your notion of Americanism vs.
leftism is weak and illogical and will certainly not win the day in our
marketplace of ideas.

Please try coming up with a more salient argument.

Dennis replies:

My definition of Americanism — as I have explained at least 500 times and
about which I wrote a New York Times bestselling book this year — consists
of the three values found on American coins and bills:
In God We Trust
E Pluribus Unum

Leftism prefers egalitarianism to liberty; seeks to replace a God-based
society with a secular and godless one; and seeks to replace E Pluribus Unum
with multiculturalism.

It is unfortunate that you find that “ridiculous.”

Best wishes,
Dennis Prager

Apotheosis v Quintessence

Dear Dennis,

I listened to your radio show today and I agree with Allan on
the difference in meaning between apotheosis and quintessence. Apotheosis is
one of those wonderful Greek words meaning, “deification”. Or loosely
translated it connotes ‘ to make like unto a god’. I think we both agree Mr.
Obama is far from ‘like unto a god’ except in his own mind. Quintessence has
an altogether different meaning and context. Cheers.
Thank you so much for the battles you fight for us each day. Love your show
and I purchased your book “Still The Best Hope”. Worth every penny and more.

Dennis Replies:

Listeners like you keep me going.

Great letter.


Where Would You Move?

Dear Dennis,

With this state as well as our country in shambles and failing fast, if you were to move from this country, where would you go? I am a 60 year old, have been in business for nearly 6 years in CA and I am out of here. Where would you go?

Dennis Replies:

I wouldn’t leave America. But I would leave California. I’d move to many states, so long as the state had no income tax, and had a lot of conservatives.

All the best,

Race v. Culture

Hi Dennis,

I am a student getting my masters degree in marriage and family therapy. I am an dedicated listener of your show and especially love the Male/Female hour. It is the highlight of my week! I have a question for you about race and racial issues. I am taking a class on cultural diversity (which I hate) and am having a hard time with a point that they are pressing and want your opinion on the subject. I have constantly heard from both you and others around me that it is best to be “color blind” and to see everyone as equal and children of God. What my class has been pressing is that being “color blind” is a form of “passive racism” due to the fact that everyone is different and identifies with a certain culture and when you are “color blind” you are disregarding a part of that person. I am very torn between these two ideas because as a conservative I hate the overt push for “cultural diversity” and feel that is almost a form of racism of its own. On the other hand, being a therapist as well as a Christian, I love people and celebrate the differences that God has created in all of us. Thanks for taking to time to read this and respond. I appreciate your opinion. Thanks, and God bless.

Dennis Replies:

They have dishonestly conflated race with culture. Of course, culture matters. But race doesn’t. The last people to identify race with culture were the Nazis.

All the best,

Working for a Government Contractor

I have a moral dilema, and im not sure how to feel about it. I am recently married and my wife is pregnant. I currently work for a company that does a significant amount of work for pharma companies. I commute about 56 miles everyday accross state lines. sometimes the commute home takes up to 3 hours. A few days ago I was contacted by a professor in college about applying for a position in his firm, about 4 miles from my home. However, his company gets most of their work from the government designing schools and transportation hubs. While the personal and financial benefits make taking the job an easy decision, am I betraying my conservative principles by doing this? Thank you mr prager for what you do, you helped save me from liberalism.

Dennis Replies:

You only betray your principals when you do work that is not moral. That is not the case here. And the moral benefits of having more time with your wife also outweigh your concern.

But you are a good man for even asking.

Best wishes,

How Can I Be Happy Now?

Happiness. I was just diagnosed with cancer, and I’m finding it difficult to act happy. Maybe with more time and more prayer.

Dennis Replies:

No one expects you, too, at this time. Please know my prayers are with you.

God bless you,
Dennis Prager