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Does God Intervene in Your Life?

What kind of God do you believe in? Do you believe in a God who created the world and took a hike; a God who created the world and intervenes on occasion; or a personal God who takes interest in you? These are not easy questions.

Was Joseph the Great Man of the Torah?

Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are the great prophets of the Hebrew Bible. Where does Joseph fit in? And is he the greatest of them all?

Jews and the Left

The United States has been a miraculous blessing for Jews. Once Jews knew and appreciated this fact. Now many seem to have forgotten it. Dennis explains the transition and its consequences from his perspective as a Jewish conservative.

What Does the Left Hope to Achieve

What is the mission of the Left? To create a better world? To encourage stronger families? To maintain free speech? No. The Left seeks to create chaos. Dennis explains why.

Why The Modern World Needs an Ancient Bible

Dennis reflects on his new book, The Rational Bible: Exodus-God, Slavery and Freedom. He explains why the timeless lessons from Exodus are needed more than ever today.

Rosh Hashanah Day: The Importance of Memory

We are nothing without our memories. The Hebrew Bible makes this point abundantly clear. To understand who we are we have to understand from where we came.

Yom Kippur Evening (Kol Nidre): You Can Change

One of the great and most optimistic lessons from the Bible is that you have the capacity to change. You are not locked in to a destructive pattern of behavior. You can make yourself better. That’s why Yom Kippur, contrary to popular opinion, is a happy time.

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