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Prager 20141024 – 03 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: how do you know you’re a racist if you know you’re not a racist; young people need to learn that they have to earn what they want, not just have it handed to them; why don’t more pastors speak out against the Houston mayor who demanded to see the sermons of Houston pastors who disagreed with her same sex marriage beliefs.

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Prager 20141024 – 01 Ebola NYC

Prager H1: The first case of Ebola shows up in NYC – a doctor returning from Guinea. This is being treated as a major crisis, but the chances that the doctor has infected anyone are almost nil… Young girls showcase modern feminism in a obscenity-laden video… Ferguson, MO is on edge. What if the officer isn’t indicted? The truth doesn’t matter.

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Prager 20141023 – 3 Known

Prager H3: Canadian officials knew that the murderer of Corporal Cirillo was a terrorist threat. They had even seized his passport to prevent him from going to Syria to fight for ISIS… New York Times columnist doesn’t like that the fact that a Florida Congressman held a campaign event just for men… Dennis talks to Ashe Schow, reporter for the Washington Examiner, about the White House’s college sexual assault statistics.

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Prager 20141022 – 1 Another Terror Attack in Canada

Prager H1: Few details, but one soldier has been killed in Ottawa near the Canadian parliament. Terrorists have infiltrated the Parliament building… A new poll reveals that a surprisingly high percentage of Jordanians support ISIS and Al Qaeda. This is “moderate” Jordan… Hillary Clinton tries to keep the War on Women flames burning in Colorado…

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