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Prager 20141031 – 1 Tizzy

Prager H1: Dennis has thrown the Left into a tizzy over comments he made about the “rape culture” hysteria at colleges and universities… Dennis has no problem with Halloween. But now there is very little contrast between Halloween and the rest of the year… If Republicans don’t win on Tuesday that will not be a good sign for the country.

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Prager 20141030 – 2 Superman

Prager H2: The San Francisco Giants won the World Series yesterday in dramatic fashion. Or did Kansas City lose it in dramatic fashion? The hero for the Giants was their star pitcher, Madison Bumgarner… Dennis talks to David Henderson, fellow at the Hoover Institution. Henderson teaches the latest Prager University course, “What’s the Right Minimum Wage?”… Tim Cook, Apple CEO, comes out as gay and declares his support for same sex marriage. Compare reaction to Chick fil A CEO’s odeclaration of support for traditional marriage.

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Prager 20141030 – 1 Close?

Prager H1: It’s hard to fathom why all these Senate races are so close. Kansas is seriously considering electing a faux independent over a dependable Republican incumbent?… The US continues to blame Israel for the problems between Israel and the Palestinians. This week the relationship between the two countries reached an all-time low… Dennis talks to Larry Keane, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for The National Shooting Sports Foundation about key elections in Colorado and Connecticut.

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