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Prager 20141216 – 2 Sydney Terror minus One

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Nick Adams, Australian columnist and author, about yesterday’s terror attack in Sydney… Sydney Morning Herald writes that we have to empathy for the murderer… Why is the Russian oil-based economy collapsing? The answer is American fracking… Do you feel sorry for the mastermind of the 9/11 attack and the murderer of Daniel Pearl, Wall Street Journal reporter?

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Prager 20141215 – 3 Two Innocents Dead

Prager H3: Two people go to a café for a coffee and don’t come out alive. The waste of lives, and the anguish they cause, is rarely mentioned or appreciated in this “lone wolf” terror attacks… Dennis talks to Omar Mahmood, student newspaper columnist at the University of Michigan. He has run afoul of campus Leftists… The Left is more obsessed with race than the Right. The Sony email incident is a good example.

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Prager 20141215 – 1 Lone Wolf Terror in Sydney

Prager H1: A self-described sheik took over a café in Sydney, Australia. A refugee from Iran, he was killed when Special Forces rushed the building where he was holding hostages. A hostage was also killed… Allen and Dennis discuss the lyrics of “Let It Snow.”… Cambridge, MA boots Santa Claus from the school Christmas celebrations… Greenpeace despoils a Peruvian cultural treasure. But it’s in a good cause – “the environment.”

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