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Prager 20180814 – 2 Socialism Rising

Socialism is getting ever more popular in the US, especially among young people… Dennis talks to John Gilley, Dallas home builder and PragerU donor… Leftist Minnesota congressman, Keith Ellison, is accused of domestic abuse. His girlfriend is a Leftist who marshals all the Leftist arguments against him.

Prager 20180814 – 1 Completely Fabricated

Omarosa has zero credibility. But the media is treating her like a movie star. Why? Because she’s turned against her mentor… Dennis talks to Elaine Parker, President of the Job Creators Network Foundation.

Prager 20180813 – 3 Geopolitical Futures

Dennis talks to George Friedman, founder and president of Geopolitical Futures, a private intelligence service. Topics include: the US’s position in the world; Turkey; Iran; Russia, China.

Prager 20180813 – 2 New Prosperity

Remember the “new normal,” no more robust growth, we just limp along? That’s all changed, but the media can’t give the President credit… Are we uncivilized because we still have capital punishment?

Prager 20180813 – 1 Suicide by Plane

A Seattle man flies a Horizon Airlines plane into island – suicide by plane. No one was killed aside from “the pilot.” But what if he had been a terrorist?… Charlottesville has taken a mythic status for the Left and the media. But it’s based on a lie – just like “Ferguson.”

Prager 20180810 – 3

Open Lines
11:30 Anthony Bartosiewicz, Prager Force Student. Wheaton North High School, Wheaton, IL

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