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Prager 20150706 – 1 Greek Yogurt

Prager H1: The Greeks voted decisively to reject the European Union’s debt deal. Now what? All the scenarios are bad – for Greece and Europe… Rick Perry should be taken seriously… An illegal immigrant who had been deported five times murdered a woman in San Francisco. The San Jose newspaper described the murderer as a man “from Texas.”… The CIA is worried about – diversity…

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Prager 20150703 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual callers set the agenda. The topics include: A caller sings his version of a new national anthem in celebration of 4th of July; a caller from the Republic of Belarus asks about Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage; a caller asks about how to deal with different political opinions between him and his significant other?

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Prager 20150702 – 03 Macro Stupidity

Prager H3: Rules about what you can say and not say with regard to race (microaggressions) have become a feature on college campuses across the country. If you ask someone where they’re from, you’re a racist… The Administration is preventing the Kurds from getting the heavy weapons they need to fight Islamic State… Black on white crime is much greater than white on black crime.

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Prager 20150702 – 02 Trumped

Prager H2: Macy’s will no longer sell Donald Trump’s clothing line, something they have done since 2004. They were pressured by Leftist activists after Trump made statements about illegal immigrants and caved… Dennis talks to Adam Freedman, legal affairs commentator for His new book is A Less Perfect Union: The Case for States’ Rights.

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