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Prager 20150423 – 3 Fortress Europe

Prager H3: Dennis reflects on his interview with Daveed Gartenstein-Ross last hour. Europe has very big problems. The North Africa migrant problem is just one… Dennis talks to Phelim McAleer, film-maker. Phelim is producing a play about Ferguson. His actors walked out, complaining the play didn’t conform to their view of the incident… The husband who had sexual relations with his Alzheimer wife is acquitted of rape.

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Prager 20150423 – 1 Mockery

Prager H1: Dennis was on Glenn Beck’s radio show the other day to talk about his new book on The Ten Commandments. When he commented that many people now worship nature and used the delta smelt as an example, the Left went nuts… Dennis talks to Chris Malagisi, Editor of the Conservative Book Club… More trigger warnings and safe rooms on campuses.

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