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Prager 20150903 – 02 Blow Hard

Prager H2: The more vile you consider America, the more likely you are likely to get published in the NY Times. Charles Blow is a case in point… Why did Hillary set up her own server when she became Secretary of State? No one has an answer to this basic question… Sweden is not quite the paradise the Left thinks it is. It now has a serious immigrant assimilation problem…

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Prager 20150903 – 01 Trees

Prager H1: Turns out that are three trillion trees on earth, seven times more than previous estimates… Donald Trump is correct when he says that there are provisions in the Iran Deal that obligate the US to defend Iran in case their nuke facilities are attacked… Dennis talks to Anthony Esolen, Professor English at Providence College. His new book is Life Under Compulsion: Ten Ways to Destroy the Humanity of Your Child.

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Prager 20150902 – 03 Obama’s Iran Deal

Prager H3: The President now has the votes to sustain his “peace in our time” Iran nuke deal… Speaking of “peace in our time,” a Democrat Congressman actually used that phrase in expressing his support for the deal… Another black pushes back against the Black Lives Matter movement on YouTube… A boy who decided he’s a girl seven months ago disrupts his high school in Missouri… An Obama-appointed judge takes on Uber…

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Prager 20150902 – 01 Liar, Liar

Prager H1: If you tell one lie, are you therefore a liar? Or are you a liar if you consistently lie?… Another policeman was murdered. This time in Illinois… In this Jubilee Year, the Pope is offering priests the opportunity to forgive Catholic women of the sin of having an abortion – but only if they are fully contrite… Does the President really think that global warming is the greatest problem facing humanity? Really?

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Prager 20150901 – 01 Liar

Prager H1: Dennis talks with author Geoff Shepard about his book, The Real Watergate Scandal. What did Nixon actually know and was there something he could have done to prevent having to resign? With the officer shooting in Texas, the attorney Devon Anderson will not say that the shooting was Anti-police sentiment.

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