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Prager 20180523 – 3 Which Wave

What is coming in November? A blue wave or a red wave? Sebastian talks to Andrew Surabian, former Special Assistant to President Trump. Callers also have their opinions.

Prager 20180523 – 2 The Deep State

Sebastian Gorka asks the question: what is the Deep State?… Sebastian talks to David Reaboi, national security expert and senior vice president at the Security Studies Group. Topics include: the Deep State and the Iran Deal.

Prager 20180523 – 1 Cross Fire Hurricane

Sebastian Gorka guest hosts for Dennis… What was Cross Fire Hurricane?… The United States doesn’t have an internal security service like most countries do… until the Obama Administration… Sebastian talks to Sharyl Attkisson, investigative correspondent and host of Full Measure.

Prager 20180522 – 2 Animals

Dennis continues on the theme of his column this week – yes, there are people who are animals. MS-13 gang members are a good example. The President’s view of humanity is much clearer than EJ Dionne’s, liberal columnist for the Washington Post… The President’s policy toward Iran is both strong and sober.

Prager 20180522 – 1 Bullied

The Santa Fe, Texas high school killer was bullied, his father says. That’s what turned him into a mass murderer. Really?… The Supreme Court has ruled that if you’re under 18, you can’t be executed. Why not? You don’t know that murder is wrong at 17?… Is a murderous, torturing person “an animal.” Or is it not nice to say that?… The Left doesn’t understand evil…

Prager 20180521 – 3 All Aboard

Glenn Beck jumps aboard the Trump train. The way the media covered the President’s “animals” remark drove him to abandon his Never-Trump position… Dennis talks to best-selling author, Simon Winchester. His new book is The Perfectionists: How Precision Engineers Created the Modern World.

Prager 20180521 – 2 School Shootings

How do we possibly explain these school shootings? Dennis has theories. So do callers… The media has truly embarrassed themselves with their coverage of the President remarks about the murderous gang MS-13. EJ Dionne of the Washington Post provides a good example.

Prager 20180521 – 1 Royal Wedding

It was a storybook event. Most people love tradition. The “God is love” message from the pastor was pabulum, however. His address was almost secular… Dennis talks to Kimberley Strassel, columnist and member of the editorial board for the WSJ. The topic is: did the FBI spy on candidate Trump?

Prager 20180518 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Is there a true connection between violent video games leading mass shootings; If you weren’t a talk show host, what profession would you have; Why can’t you (Jews) have dairy and meat at the same table; How important is it for women to have certain (physical) jobs?

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