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Prager 20150331 – 2 Iran via Indiana

Prager H2: Dennis continues with his discussion of the Indiana controversy. Is religious freedom no longer an American value?… Dennis talks to Michael and Daniel Bendetson. Both are students at the University of Michigan. They have brought a plan before Congress to honor veterans with two minutes of silence every Veteran’s Day… Negotiations with Iran drag on.

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Prager 20150330 – 2 Indiana

Prager H2: Indiana passes a religious freedom protection law that has existed on the Federal books for over twenty years and the Left goes ballistic. They say it’s really about discriminating against gays. It’s not. Welcome to the latest Leftist hysteria… Dennis talks to John McCormack, senior writer for The Weekly Standard, about the Indiana law.

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Prager 20150327 – 01 Suicide by Plane

Prager H1: The latest theory is that the GermanWings co-pilot was depressed. Okay, you’re depressed. Does that mean you lose your ability to make moral judgments? To tell right from wrong? If you want to kill yourself, go ahead, but why do you have to take 150 people with you? That’s mass murder… Can you imagine the pain of the co-pilot’s parents? Their name is now infamous in Germany… A young fool gets kicked off of a Southwest flight.

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