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Prager 20141020 – 03 Murder in Indiana

Prager H3: A serial killer, a convicted sex offender, has been caught in Indiana. He confessed to his crimes and showed the police where some of the bodies could be found. Should he receive the death penalty? The anti-death penalty crowd says no… A school in Ohio has banned cake and cookies at student birthday parties. But erasers are good… In California, LGBT groups are complaining that not enough class time is devoted to transgender issues… John Kerry blames Israel for ISIS.

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Prager 20141020 – 01 Past Peak Ebola

Prager H1: Has the Ebola Panic peaked? Everyone in Dallas, save the two nurses, has been cleared; so has the nurse in Spain who had the virus… The University of Utah is holding a discussion on the link between the Holocaust and Ferguson. What link? We don’t even know what happened in Ferguson… Professors at colleges can’t speak to parents of their students about their class performance. It’s against the law. Hillsdale is the notable exception because it accepts no federal funds.

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Prager 20141017 – 01 Ebola Panic

Prager H1: Should we be panicking about Ebola? Or should we calm down?… The President appoints an Ebola Czar. How is that going to help?… Between the easy money policy of the Fed and the massive stimulus we’ve accumulated staggering debt, but achieved very little economic growth. The bill might be coming due. Want to see the future? Look to crumbling Europe.

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