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Prager 20150529 – 1 Spirit

Prager H1: A Spirit Airlines stewardess is in trouble for posing inside an engine well… The Boy Scouts are turning into a garden party… The President addresses his Twitter fans: “Hello, Twitter. It’s Barak.” Does such familiarity demean the Office?… The French government pays people to work at fake companies.

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Prager 20150528 – 1 Murder Most Foul

Prager H1: Dennis is riveted by the latest murder sensation: a young woman engineers the death of her fiancé in a kayak “accident” in order to collect life insurance. A Baltimore sheriff states the obvious: the police are now afraid to proactively pursue the bad guys. But the compassionate crowd couldn’t care less. No police. No police brutality… Dennis talks to economist and Shakespeare aficionado, Andrea Mays. Her new book is The Millionaire and the Bard: Henry Folger’s Obsessive Hunt for Shakespeare’s First Folio.

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Prager 20150527 – 1 Ramadi

Prager H1: Ramadi was a showcase of American power and diplomacy. Now it’s a hell hole in the grip of Islamic State. The reason: we left…. Women are traded as sex slaves in Islamic State held territories… The UN World Health Organization censors Israel, the same Israel that provides health care for Syrian refugees.

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