Dennis Prager 20210617 – 3 Not Hope, Duty

We are morally bound to fight for this country and its freedoms. It’s not hope that should motivate us; it’s duty… The role of government for the Left is to take of you; the role of government for the Right is to enable people to take care of themselves… Dennis talks to Jack Phillips, Colorado baker, and Ryan Bangert, senior counsel for ADF. Phillips’ new book is The Cost of My Faith: How a Decision in My Cake Shop Took Me to the Supreme Court.

Dennis Prager 20210617 – 2 Corruption of Military

A Navy Admiral defends having “How to Be an Anti-Racist” on the Navy reading list. The military is becoming a social experiment not the lean, mean fighting force it should be… Dennis talks to Julie Hartman, Harvard senior. They discuss an epidemic of cheating.

Dennis Prager 20210617 – 1 Rare Win

The Supreme Court rules unanimously in favor Catholic Adoption agencies. The issue was whether Catholic agencies could make a distinction between traditional opposite sex couples and same sex couples… The Biden Administration reverses yet another sensible Trump policy and pushes for biological boys to compete against females.

Dennis Prager 20210616 – 3 Yeonmi

Dennis talks to former N. Korean refugee and now a student at Columbia University. Topic: the loss of freedom in America and the story of her amazing escape.

Dennis Prager 20210616 – 1 Geneva

Presidents Biden and Putin finished their four-hour meeting and then went into a press conference. One common thing about dictators: they bore you to distraction with endlessly long answers… AG Merrick Garland declares white supremacists the greatest threat to Americans’ safety. Of course, he never gives numbers or details. Who are these people, where are they and how many of them are active?

Dennis Prager 20210615 – 2 N Korea or Columbia

A refugee from N Korea, now a student at Columbia, is shocked to see how little Americans value the gift of freedom… Dennis talks to George Friedman, founder and president of Geopolitical Futures. The subject is this week’s G7 conference.

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