Dennis Prager 20200702 – 3 Apocalypse Never

Dennis talks to Michael Shellenberger, founder and president of Environmental Progress, an independent, nonpartisan research organization based in Berkeley, California. His new book is Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All.

Dennis Prager 20200702 – 2 Smaller Business

The Dems don’t care about small business. Small business owners don’t vote for them. The Dems don’t care about blacks. They just use them, making false promises to keep them in the fold… Dennis talks to Svetlana Lokhova, British historian and a leading authority on Soviet espionage. She is a scholar at Cambridge University. Her new book is Spygate Exposed. She has had to self-publish after her original publisher pulled out. To buy the book go to spygate-exposed.com.

Dennis Prager 20200702 – 1 Tennessee Story

The rot has spread wide and deep. A Chattanooga, Tennessee restaurant is forced by the social media mob to cancel a food order for a police rally… Dennis talks to Dr. Jeff Barke, family physician in Newport Beach, CA. He explains why we should be happy about increase in cases; not shutting down businesses again.

Dennis Prager 20200701 – 3 Cigarillos

Dennis goes through the real numbers and wonders why a second Covid-19 shutdown is necessary. Dennis talks to Ami Horowitz, video journalist. He was attacked while covering a protest in front of City Hall in New York City.

Dennis Prager 20200630 – 1 Why I Love America

Dennis presents this week’s PragerU video. It’s a personal reflection on America. The comments on YouTube suggest that viewers are happy someone is saying nice things about the country instead of tearing it down… Crime is surging in NYC. But the mayor wants to cut the police budget by $1B. Makes sense, right?

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