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Prager 20180424 – 2 Human Nature

Given how much evil there is in the world, why do so many still believe that people are basically good? We need a moral code and good values to shape people… The President’s speaks his mind. He doesn’t hide behind political doublespeak. It’s refreshing… Dennis talks to David French, senior writer for National Review. A new bill in the CA legislature will cut off free speech.

Prager 20180424 – 1 No Motive

We still have no idea what motivated the massacre in Toronto… Leftist protestors have vandalized the home of an NRA lobbyist. Can you imagine the outrage if these were conservative protesters?… Who is more damaging to democracy: the President and his provocative tweets, or the Left and their subversion of the rule of law…

Prager 20180423 – 3 Toronto Turmoil

Mark Davis guests hosts for Dennis. Breaking news during the third hour. A man drove a van down the sidewalk in Toronto, injuring several pedestrians, and the Waffle House shooter was apprehended.

Prager 20180423 – 2 So Let It Be Written

Mark Davis guests hosts for Dennis. Mark laments the loss of cursive hand writing in society, callers weigh in. Other topics include: Jay Feely’s prom photo joke, Shania Twain’s apology for her pro-Trump comment, and a Prince was born to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge over the weekend.

Prager 20180423 – 1 The Big Picture

Mark Davis guests hosts for Dennis. Mark reflects on Dennis’s new book, The Rational Bible… and Atheism versus Faith. A brave man stopped a shooter from killing more people at a Waffle House in Nashville, James Shaw Jr.

Prager 20180420 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: are Jews a bloodline or do they accept converts; it makes me angry when you say people aren’t nice; is capitalism freedom; The Rational Bible: Exodus can help fill the void of God in our world; the rift between liberals and conservative Catholics, how about Judiasm?

Prager 20180420 – 1 Sheriff Clarke

Dennis talks to Sheriff David Clarke, Former Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. He serves as a senior advisor to the America First Action PAC. He also teaches this week’s PragerU video, “The Cops Are the Good Guys.” Topics include: murder of two cops in Florida yesterday and the Philadelphia Starbucks incident… Socialists are running openly as Democrats across the country…

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