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Prager 20180817 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: why doesn’t Dennis push women to marry as much as he pushes men to marry; what’s the difference between left and liberal. Dennis talks to Melvin Soto Vazquez, sophomore at University of Puerto Rico and PragerForce member.

Prager 20180817 – 1 Republican Apathy?

All surveys suggest that Republicans are not as motivated as Democrats to vote in November. Is this accurate? If so, why would it be so? Do Republicans not know what is at stake?… PragerU is being shadow banned by Facebook.

Prager 20180816 – 3 Fraud

From battling straws to the trouble with raising white kids, Dennis continues to lament the latest examples of Leftism. Eric Eggers, author of Fraud: How the Left Plans to steal the Next Election, joins Dennis to explain how.

Prager 20180816 – 2 Never That Great

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a speech that “America” was never that great. Dennis exploits this typical view from the Left, and also chats with Laci Williams, a Prager Force member from U of CO.

Prager 20180816 – 1 Greatness

Aretha Franklin dies at the age of 76. An artist like her, has “a gift,” the ability to transcend one’s generation. Dennis talks about a bizarre case out of Canada, where an abused woman was put in a shelter to roommate with a male transgender. Pastor Greg Laurie joins the program to discuss the removal of his paid advertising, because it depicts him holding a Bible.

Prager 20180815 – 3 The Arrogant

The Boston Globe is organizing a “mass editorial” against the President. Nobody thinks higher of themselves than the mainstream media. There is no attack on the freedom of the press. There is an attack on the press, not on freedom of the press. Big difference… A professor at Drake writes a typical leftist piece about racist America… Dennis talks to Lauren Black, a junior at U. of AZ and PragerForce member.

Prager 20180815 – 1 Values Matter

Vermont Democrats nominated a transgender woman for governor. She’s a garden-variety leftist. That’s what matters. If she was a conservative, conservatives would support her. Values are the issue, not skin color or gender.

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