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Prager H3: The Lawyers Take Over

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Daniel Henninger, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, about his new column on the Attorney General’s investigation of the CIA and its consequences. Why does the Post Office lose money? And why the same the same thing will happen to any government health run program. Dennis reads descriptions of a few of the courses offered at Occidental College this coming academic year. For this you pay $50K?

Prager H2: Scotland’s Shame Deepens

Prager H2: Could this get worse – the release of the Lockerbie bomber on compassion grounds? Yes, it could. Evidence is mounting that the murderer’s cancer might not be that bad and that an oil deal might have been the real reason for his being sent home. A hideous crime in Knoxville, TN – rape, murder, torture – only merits a life in prison sentence.

Prager H1: Compassion versus Justice

Prager H1: A woman at a town hall meeting with Republican Senator Tom Coburn (OK) told a sad medical story and asked the senator what he would do for her. When he told her that he would try to help her privately, CNN, who reported on the event, was shocked. How could the Senator be so unfeeling? Dennis talks to Reba Toney, former Prager Show call screener, radio show host and now author. Her book is The Rating Game.

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