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Prager H3: What Is the Obama Doctrine?

Specifically what is the President’s policy with regard to the Mideast. Dennis talks to Michael Young, editor of the Daily Star, the leading English language newspaper in Beirut, Lebanon, on this subject… Why has so much attention been paid to Ted Kennedy’s death?… Congresswoman Diane Watson insults Americans who oppose the President and praises Fidel Castro.

Prager H2: Code Red

Prager H2: Code Pink, the anti-war group, is going to Afghanistan to tell Afghani women to oppose the US military effort there. But who is stopping the Taliban from throwing acid in the faces of girls going to school in Kabul?.. Dennis talks to John Keeley of the US Geological Survey about the Southern California fires raging around Los Angeles…

Prager H1: Fire in a Crowded Suburb

Prager H1: Dennis lives half of mile from a major fire now raging in Los Angeles County. He comments on what that feels like… Dennis talks to Congressman David Dreier, who serves the fire engulfed district, about why controlled burns are not used to prevent these conflagrations… Dennis talks to Dick Morris, best selling author and Fox New political analyst, about ObamaCare. ABC has refused to run Morris’s new ad on the dangers of ObamaCare. They say it’s too biased. Never mind that ABC ran a one hour special promoting the President’s health care plan – from the White House.

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