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Prager H3: Ultimate Issues Hour: Big Government, Small People

Prager H3: Small government has been an American values since Jefferson. It’s not clear whether it will be an American value much longer. Big government inevitably leads to a less dynamic, less grateful, less happy society.

Prager H2: Did It Work?

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Stephen Hayes, senior writer for The Weekly Standard, about the Attorney General’s investigation of the CIA. The big question, “did these enhanced interrogations work,” has been answered conclusively. Yes, they did. And may have saved thousands of American lives. So, why is the Attorney General going after the interrogators?.. Dennis describes a problem he had with his insurance company. It was a major screw up, but the company straightened it out in an hour. Ever get a problem with a government agency straightened out in a few hours?

Prager H1: Quintessential Bureaucrat

Prager H1: A bank teller in a bank in Tampa wouldn’t let a man cash a check with a thumb print. One problem, he was born without arms. Dennis talks to Tim Harford, the “Underground Economist” of the Financial Times.

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