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Prager H3: White House as Frat House

Prager H3: Female staffers are upset that they don’t have a enough of a profile in the President’s inner circle. Dennis talks to Michael Fumento, renowned science writer, and director of Independent Journalism Project, about the swine flu. Is it a National Emergency?… Balloon Boy Mom admits it was all a hoax. President Obama says those that don’t believe in global warming are “naysayers.”

Prager H2: We Are Doomed

Prager H2: Dennis talks to John Derbyshire, contributing editor for National Review. His new book is We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism. Disney is offering refunds for those who bought Baby Einstein videos, thinking it would make their babies smarter.

Prager H1: Protecting Women in Afghanistan

Prager H1: Why aren’t feminists pushing the President to send more troops to Afghanistan? Ariana Huffington on Joy Behar’s CNN/Headline News Show makes it clear that she doesn’t care about abandoning women to the Taliban. It’s there problem, not ours. “60 Minutes” does an expose on massive Medicare fraud. So, now we’re going to double or triple the size of the program and have less fraud?… Dennis talks to a commercial pilot about the plane that overshot Minneapolis last week.

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