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Prager H3: A Doctor on ObamaCare

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Dr. Reed Wilson, cardiologist and internist, in private practice in Los Angeles. He’s a member of Doctors for Patient Care, an organization whose founding Dennis helped to inspire. This group has rallied doctors who are against a government takeover of our health care system.

Prager H2: The Reverend

Prager H2: Jesse Jackson tells members of the Black Caucus that you can’t call yourself a black man and oppose ObamaCare. Isn’t that racism?. The Reid ObamaCare bill is almost 2100 pages. And, still, no one has read it, let alone understand its ramifications. Chris Matthews thinks it’s very important to draw attention to the fact that most of the people in Michigan coming to see Sarah Palin are white.

Prager H1: Get Ready for Rationing

Prager H1: A new study suggests that women under 50 don’t really need mammograms. We will see a lot more of this kind of statistical approach to health care if the government takes over our health care system. Patient/Doctor decisions will be supplanted by government/health care statistic decisions. Newsweek magazine used a photo of Sarah Palin from Runner’s World to deliberately belittle her. And the editor of the magazine admits it.

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