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Prager H3: Ultimate Issues: Lessons Learned

Prager H3: We’re supposed to get wiser as we get older, so what have you learned? What do you know today that you didn’t know twenty years ago? What has surprised you?

Prager H2: Honor Students

Prager H2: Why has there been a massive proliferation of honor students? Are students that much smarter than students in the past? Or have standards been lowered?.. Record cold temperatures can be found this week all over the globe, but no one mentions that we’re supposed to be in a period of man-made global warming. The paradox is never noted. The Obama Administration has authorized profiling of citizens from fourteen high risk nations including Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Prager H1: Poverty Does Not Cause Crime

Prager H1: Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute wonders why, if poverty causes crime, crime has plummeted during this recession. What the Left doesn’t seem able to grasp is that bad values cause crime. This is as true in Dubai as it is in Detroit. Dennis talks to Brian Darling, Director of US Senate Relations for the Heritage Foundation, about the closed door ObamaCare negotiations between Democrat House and Senate leaders. Republicans and C-SPAN are being shut out. So much for Obama’s promises of transparency.

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