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Prager H3: In a Pickle

Prager H3: The President gives his State of the Union address tonight. He’s in a real pickle. The Democratic Party is split down the middle after the flameout of ObamaCare. The Left wing believes he has to move more in their direction; the center believes he must pull a Bill Clinton and move to the center. Dennis talks to Leon de Winter, columnist for the Dutch magazine, Elsevier, about the trial of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. Wilders’ criticism of Koran has gotten him in trouble with the Dutch government. An environmental group tells the truth: if we want to stop global warming, no economic is possible.

Prager H2: Male/Female Hour: A Woman without a Man

Prager H2: “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” That was a feminist slogan in the seventies. It has permeated into our culture. Girls are taught not to depend on a man. But what does that really mean? And is it true? And is it true for men? Does a man need a woman to be fulfilled?

Prager H1: Pandora’s Box

Prager H1: Football star Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam, have made a pro-life ad sponsored by Focus on the Family for the Super Bowl. Dennis admires the content of the ad, but is this opening a Pandora’s Box. Won’t the Left now put on ads to promote same-sex marriage or single-payer insurance?… Dennis talks to Jonathan Cole, the John Mitchell Mason Professor of the University at Columbia. His new book is The Great American University. Dennis returns to the question of airing issue-oriented ads on Super Bowl Sunday.

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