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Prager H3: Global Warming Guru Grovels

Prager H3: Phil Jones, star Global Warming professor, admits his records are a mess. And, oh yeah, the Medieval global warming period might have been equal to the one we’re supposedly living through now. Nicholas Kristof, columnist for the NY Times, buys into more nonsense — conservatives have different brains than liberals. That these quack researchers are taken seriously would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad. Utah resigns from Global Warming Panic. Evan Bayh, Democratic Senator from Indiana, has decided not to run for re-election. Greece and its massive debt may bring down the European Union and the Euro.

Prager H2: Tragedy in Vancouver

Prager H2: A young Georgian athlete died in a hideous crash on the luge course at the Winter Olympics. The International Luge Federation said that the Georgian was responsible, but the course was obviously unsafe. Since when does an athlete have to pay for his life for a mistake?… A professor in Alabama murders three colleagues. At first, it’s hard to believe. But then you look into her past and the fog begins to clear.

Prager H1: Meaningless Day

Prager H1: That would be Presidents Day, a long time pet peeve of Dennis’s. We are at war in Afghanistan, a different kind of war. It’s astonishing what our troops do to avoid civilian casualties. George Will articulates the obvious: the Democrats cultivate dependency. Dennis talks to Nicole Gelinas, a Chartered Financial Analyst , Manhattan Institute senior fellow and contributing editor to City Journal. Her new book is After the Fall: Saving Capitalism from Wall Street – and Washington.

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