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Prager H3: Who Got Us Out of the Depression?

Prager H3: Did Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal policies get us out of the Depression? It’s becoming clear that the answer is just the opposite. Ironically, the prosperity that came to the country after the war was driven by tax cuts and, here’s the topper, the Democrats pushed for them. Dennis returns to the issue of the Burger King ad and the absurd reaction by the mental health community. Dennis talks to Dr. David Dosa, assistant professor of medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. His fascinating new book is Making Rounds with Oscar.

Prager H2: Death to the Governor

Prager H2: The new NJ governor wants to makes cuts in the bloated educational bureaucracy of his state. For his sins, he receives a veiled death threat from a leader of the teachers union. What if the governor had been a liberal Democrat and the letter sender a Tea Party member? Do you think the media would have made more of this story?.. Dennis talks to one of his favorite thinkers, Theodore Dalrymple, best selling author and contributing editor to City Journal. His new book is The New Vichy Syndrome.

Prager H1: Tragedy for Poland

Prager H1: A good part of the senior leadership of Poland was killed in a plane crash in Russia. Ironically, the Poles were there to commemorate the slaughter of 22,000 Polish officers by the Soviets in 1940. A transgendered kid in Maine doesn’t know which bathroom to go to and the Maine Civil Rights Commissions answers by trying to ban all gender distinctions everywhere in the state. Last week it was Iowa. This week it’s Maine. These commissions need to be folded.

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