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Prager H3: Earth Day Turns 40

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Matthew Sleeth, former emergency room doctor and Christian environmentalist. His new book is The Gospel According to the Earth. In New Jersey voters are revolting against higher school budgets, something unheard of until this year. Is this a harbinger of November? Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal thinks it is. Dennis does a final segment with Tom Lewis of CURE International.

Prager H2: Down the Rabbit Hole

Prager H2: Dennis reads an email from a first generation immigrant listener who describes how his sister was “lost” after going to college. Her values veered Left. Now she’s an American-bashing, Castro-loving Leftist. Callers phone in with similar experiences. Dennis does another segment on CURE International with spokesman, Tom Lewis.

Prager H1: What Are We Fighting For?

Prager H1: German troops in Afghanistan are upset and disillusioned. They are treated with contempt by their own people when they return home and have no idea what they fighting for. To make matters worse they can be killed (and have been) but can’t kill (unless fired upon). Dennis talks to AW Montford, internationally known blogger and science writer. His new book is The Hockey Stick Illusion. Dennis talks to Tom Lewis, spokesman for CURE International, Dennis’s favorite medical charity.

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