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Prager H3: The Debt Bomb

Prager H3: Dennis talks to David Malpass, global economist, president of Encima Global LLC and columnist for Forbes Magazine, on the dangers of an exploding national debt.. Dennis also talks to Josh Axelrad, former investment banker, one time professional gambler, now a commentator on the casino industry for National Public Radio’s Marketplace program. His new book is Repeat Until
Rich: A Professional Card Counter’s Chronicle of the Blackjack Wars.

Prager H2: No Mohammed

Prager H2: South Park creators attempt to skewer Mohammed on their show was shot down by its network, Comedy Central. A threat from a fringe web site was all the network needed to pull the plug. This incident reveals a much deeper social problem.

Prager H1: The Left’s Bad Ideas

Prager H1: The Left pushes its ideas on the American public.
They sound so progressive and benign – choice, same sex marriage, health care for everybody. But once the American public has a chance to evaluate these ideas, they realize they’re actually destructive. Health Care Reform is the latest example. Brits are driving themselves crazy with recycling. An Aussie who wanted to prove that the North Pole was melting freezes his ass off – almost literally.

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