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Prager H3: Ultimate Issues Hour: Should a Child Fear His Parents?

Prager H3: In chapter 19, verse 3 of Leviticus, the third book of the Hebrew Bible, it says “you shall fear, every man, his mother and his father.” Is this admonition still valid in our modern world?
Dennis argues that it’s more important than ever. Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on March 24, 2009.

Prager H2: James Cameron, Scientist

Prager H2: To film director James Cameron, the case for Global Warming is closed and those who are skeptical are criminally negligent. Dennis tells the story of his Kafka-like encounter with TSA at LAX on his way to MPS.

Prager H1: Obama Calls His Posse

Prager H1: The President sent a video message out to 13 million supporters, focusing on blacks, Hispanics and women. They helped him get elected and now he wants them back in the voting booth in November. Can you imagine if a Republican asked for his white voters to turn out. The Left looks at the Tea Party and dismisses it as a “white” movement. But isn’t that racist? The issue isn’t right or wrong. It’s white or black to the Left. Dennis understands Arizona’s frustration about its illegal immigrant issue, but worries about it being a distraction from the larger issues in November.

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