Prager H3: Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, listeners set the agenda. Issues raised include: how can conservatives say the fifties were so great when there was segregation; why is Dennis an Angel fan; should a young Christian woman who wants to be actress move to NYC; how does one deal with grief; is there a way to prevent teen suicide.

Prager H2: Happiness Hour: Returning to Missing Tile

Prager H2: Dennis debuts a new Prager University video course, one of his most influential happiness themes, The Missing Tile Syndrome — we are preoccupied with what we don’t have. This is the express lane to unhappiness. But there’s a way to fight it.

Prager H1: Good Friday

Prager H1: Dennis expresses his gratitude for living in a religious country. The President attributes all the Tea Party agitation to one cause – a bad economy. It never occurs to him that people are concerned with other issues like the loss of their freedom to a over weaning government. Harry Smith of CBS says that the kindest thing talk radio say about the President is that he is “a socialist” and the worst is “a Nazi.” But he never provides any examples.

Prager H3: Too Big To Fail

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Andrew Sorkin, financial columnist for the NY Times. His new book is Too Big to Fail is about the financial collapse of 2008. The President has challenged Republicans who want to question ObamaCare to “go for it.” Dennis is ready to accept that challenge.

Prager H2: Arctic Not Melting

Prager H2: New studies show that Arctic Ice levels are returning to normal. In fact, their may be more ice than usual this year. How can this be?.. Dennis talks to Shelby Steele, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. In the Wall Street Journal, Steele writes about the President’s grandiose notions of his place in history. A congressman from Georgia is worried that Guam might tip over and capsize if the Marines add 8000 personnel to the island. Dennis talks to Dr. Fred Wilson, who, according to Senator Charles Schumer, bills patients $4000 for just a wave of his hand.

Prager H1: Pops

Prager H1: Dennis talks to Terry Teachout, drama critic of The Wall Street Journal and the chief culture critic for Commentary Magazine. His new book is Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong.

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