Prager 20161103 – 3 Never Never Trump

Prager H3: As the race draws closer, the fate of the election may rest in the hands of the NeverTrumpers – literally… Dennis talks to Steven Crowder, comedian and social media sensation. He also teaches the latest Prager University course. “Democratic Socialism Is Still Socialism.”

Prager 20161103 – 2 Coming Home

Prager H2: It’s time for Republicans to come home to the Republican candidate for President… A daughter won’t let her mother see her grandchildren because mom supports Trump… Dennis talks to California Congressman Darrell Issa.

Prager 20161103 – 1 Cubs Win!

Prager H1: A 108 year drought ended for the Chicago Cubs baseball team last night. They won the deciding seventh game, a worthy end to an exciting and ultimately historic World Series… Mormons wake up. Your Evan McMullin vote might get Hillary elected…

Prager 20161102 – 2 Male/Female: Reconstructive

Prager H2: The New York Times featured a story about women who have had mastectomy as a result of breast cancer. The new trend is not to have reconstructive breast surgery. The term is “going flat.” But is this a positive trend? Dennis doesn’t think so. Dennis consults with Dr. Lisa Casileth, renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Callers weigh in.

Prager 20161102 – 1 Turnout

Prager H1: The low turnout of the blacks in early voting is a warning signal to Hillary Clinton… But Trump’s pathway to victory is a narrow one… Time for all Republicans to “come home” and vote for the party’s candidate… Legalization of marijuana is another sign of an unhealthy society…

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