Prager 20180104 – 1 What Matters

What matters? Not unsubstantiated gossip from a notorious, Trump-hating gossip monger. The media is all atwitter about a salacious new gossip book. But if his Administration is so chaotic, how has President managed to achieve so much in the last year? Achievements matter. Gossip does not…

Prager 20180103 – 3 Colder Than…

A new cold wave sweeps down into the Southeast and new wave descends from Canada. More proof of Global Warming… The President launched one his best tweets at N Korea’s dictator… A Democrat congressman sets a new low of Trump-hate.

Prager 20180103 – 1 Iran Protests

Dennis talks to Michael Ledeen, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. The topic is the protests in Iran… Is civility an example of white patriarchy?… The Left’s destruction of our universities continues apace.

Prager 20180102 – 2 Tainted

CNN’s legal analyst, Paul Callan, surprises everyone when he admits that the President’s accusations against the FBI are justified… A Formula One Driver wonders why his little nephew is wearing a princess dress.

Prager 20180102 – 1 Happy New Year

Dennis begins his 36th year of broadcasting… California is its own socialist “paradise.” Every year it passes more socialist laws. This year is no exception. But it will be the poor who pay the price, not the legislators… Iranians are spontaneously protesting their tyrannical government. Is there any chance they can overthrow it?

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