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Rosh Hashanah Day: The Importance of Memory

We are nothing without our memories. The Hebrew Bible makes this point abundantly clear. To understand who we are we have to understand from where we came.

Yom Kippur Evening (Kol Nidre): You Can Change

One of the great and most optimistic lessons from the Bible is that you have the capacity to change. You are not locked in to a destructive pattern of behavior. You can make yourself better. That’s why Yom Kippur, contrary to popular opinion, is a happy time.

Yom Kippur Day – 2017: Thoughts versus Deeds

It’s very easy to conflate thoughts and deeds. But we shouldn’t. They are two very different things. Thoughts have little power in and of themselves until they are turned into action. Deeds are what count in the end.

Yom Kippur Eve – 2017: Eye for an Eye

The phrase “an eye for eye” is well known. It’s often used as an example of how crude the Bible is. But Dennis explains how it represents a profound moral advance and why it still has meaning for us today.

Rosh Hashanah Eve – 2017: What Does “Mitzvah” Mean

Dennis explores the common term “mitzvah.” It doesn’t really mean good deed; it means commandment. Good deeds are important, but following through on your obligations, even recognizing that you have obligations, is much more important.

Courage: What It Is and How to Get It

The most uncommon of all good human traits is courage. But without courage, goodness is not possible. Dennis explains what courage means to the individual and to society.

Ten Ways the Left is Destroying America

With forceful clarity, Dennis spells out the damage the Left is doing to America. In a passionate call to action, he warns that time is running short for the country to save itself.

Misconceptions About Israel

Israel is a bright beacon of freedom in a very dark part of the world. How is it possible for so many people to misapprehend what Israel is about and what its enemies are about?

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