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Why Are People Alienated From Religion?

The fastest growing segment of the religious population in the United States are “nones,” those who believe in nothing. Why, even in the most religious Judeo Christian country in the world, are people drifting away from organized religion. Dennis has answers in this compelling and, ultimately optimistic, talk.

Prager and Dershowitz: Dialogue and Debate

Two intellectual giants, one a Conservative, the other a Liberal, face off in an intense dialogue/debate covering a wide range of religious, personal, domestic and foreign policy issues. In the process, you’ll learn a lot about Dennis and his famous opponent, Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz. You’ll also get a close up look how two very agile minds approach, agree and differ over central issues such as the divinity of the Torah.

How the Desire to Do Good Can Lead to Bad and Much Worse

According to classical Jewish belief, we all have two inclinations: one to do good and one to do bad. One might think that the inclination to do good can only lead to good. But this is a very big mistake. Our good inclination can lead to all sorts of bad consequences in both the personal and macro realms.

Your Family and the Families of Genesis

You think your family is dysfunctional? You have nothing on the families of the first book of the Bible! Dennis offers profound lessons from the Genesis family tree that can help us with our own family problems.

Ten Ideas That Shaped Me

Speaking to business leaders at the National Prayer Breakfast, Dennis describes ten ideas that shaped his life. Both deeply biographical and personal, these ideas explain Dennis’ value system. They range from his hatred of evil to his conviction that without God there can be no wisdom.

What I Learned in Yeshiva

From first grade through high school, Dennis attended a traditional Orthodox Jewish day school. What he learned there shaped his life and still guides him today.

What Does Judaism Believe?

Dennis lays out the basic principles of Judaism – over a dozen tenets around which the Jewish faith is built.

The US and Israel: A Policy Debate

Dennis has a very spirited debate with Israeli Leftist politician, Avraham Burg, and American political commentator, Joe Klein, of Time and MSNBC about US policy toward Israel and the surrounding Arab nations. It’s two (Burg and Klein) against one (Dennis), but guess who wins?

Why We Need Responsible Men

Without responsible men our society can’t function. But what are we doing to encourage men to take on the responsibilities of adulthood, let alone fatherhood?

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