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What I Learned in Yeshiva

From first grade through high school, Dennis attended a traditional Orthodox Jewish day school. What he learned there shaped his life and still guides him today.

What Does Judaism Believe?

Dennis lays out the basic principles of Judaism – over a dozen tenets around which the Jewish faith is built.

The US and Israel: A Policy Debate

Dennis has a very spirited debate with Israeli Leftist politician, Avraham Burg, and American political commentator, Joe Klein, of Time and MSNBC about US policy toward Israel and the surrounding Arab nations. It’s two (Burg and Klein) against one (Dennis), but guess who wins?

Why We Need Responsible Men

Without responsible men our society can’t function. But what are we doing to encourage men to take on the responsibilities of adulthood, let alone fatherhood?

The Key to Happiness and Goodness

Is there a key that opens the door to a happier life, one full of goodness? Dennis has found it and shares it here.

“It’s the Values, Stupid” / A Conversation with the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain

This is a two-part lecture

1. “It’s the Values, Stupid”
Bill Clinton famously based his successful 1992 presidential campaign on the motto, “it’s the economy, stupid.” By that he meant, all voters care about is their own economic interest. Dennis has long disagreed. He has a different formulation. He explains that while economic issues are of critical importance, the paramount issue is ultimately values.

2. A Conversation with the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain
Dennis has a fascinating conversation with the erudite Chief Rabbi of Great Britain, Jonathan Sacks. They cover a full range of ultimate issues topics.

What Is the Jewish Mission to the World?

Dennis describes the role the Jewish people have in the world. This mission is of incredible importance and value. Unfortunately, too many Jews have forgotten it. Dennis sets out to remind them.

Richness of the Bible, Exodus 14: The Jews Escape Egypt — Then and Now

Dennis delves deep into Chapter 14 of the Book of Exodus. He discusses the Jews exodus from Egypt, the nature of revenge and the preoccupation with religious observance in this wide ranging talk. As always when Dennis “talks Torah,” the Bible’s themes resonant powerfully in our contemporary world.

A Night with Prager and Carolla

A Night with Prager and Carolla

Dennis provides the wisdom. Adam provides the laughs. Or is it the other way
round? Two of the fastest, smartest and deepest minds out there spare over items
great and small. Big fun. And much more.

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