Best of Happiness Hour 2018

Win Some, Lose Some: You can’t win them all. You’re going to “lose” more than a few times. Dennis lost one this week, flying to a speech that was cancelled while he was in mid-flight to snowy, freezing NY. We choose how to react what happens to us.

What’s the Use of Worrying? : You can drive yourself crazy (and make yourself unhappy) with excessive worrying. How do you get control of it? Dennis has suggestions. So do listeners.

Pain vs. Unhappiness: There is a big difference between pain and unhappiness. They are not the same thing.

Overcoming Trauma: How does one regain happiness after experiencing trauma? Dennis has suggestions. Callers do, too.

Many Ways to Happiness: Sometimes things in life don’t go the way we would like. Can you still be a happy person? Dennis says, yes. There are many ways to happiness.

Identity and Happiness: You have to know who you are to be happy. Identities are important to happiness. That involves knowing your sexual identity, a religious identity and a national identity.

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