Best of Ultimate Issues Hour 2007

How to Make a Good Person
It is easier to produce a rocket scientist. We know what we have to do to make a rocket scientist. Making a good person is not so clear or easy.

Difference between Public and Private, Micro and Macro
The differences between public and private, micro and macro are enormous and critical. Dennis lists numerous examples.

God as a Celestial Butler
This is the image that many have of God, but is it misleading, even unfair? If you are religious, do you think faithful practice will protect you from danger or disease? If so, you are bound to be disappointed.

The Search for Utopia
It always sounds noble and it always leads to terrible results. Communism is an example. Seek to make the world better, but dont seek to make it a utopia.

The concept of authority has broken down across the social spectrum – parent to child, teacher to student, human to God. This has had very serious and negative consequences for our society.

Are We Insignificant?
The New York Times magazine had a piece in which scientists have decided that we only know 4% of the universe. Are we insignificant? Or, instead, are we incredibly special?

The Priority of Character in Raising Children
Setting priorities without a clear set of priorities, we are lost. But what are your priorities? And do you have a set of priorities for your children? Would you rather your child smoke or cheat on tests?

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