Prager H1: Scanners and Pat Downs

Prager H1: Do they work? Are they making us safer? Dennis talks to Nico Melendez, Public Affairs Director for the Western Region for TSA. California passes a $3B stem cell research proposition and has nothing to show for it three years later. The Palestinians can’t tolerate one free-spirited blogger.

Prager H3: Who Needs Marriage?

Prager H3: That’s the cover story of the current issue of Time Magazine. There’s a competition between Time and Newsweek as to who can denigrate middle class institutions the most. In a new poll, three out of four Palestinians say that they don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist. How is Israel supposed to make peace with people who believe that?

Prager H2: Patriot’s Almanac

Prager H2: Dennis talks to Bill Bennett, best-selling author, nationally syndicated talk show host and political analyst for CNN. His book The American Patriot’s Almanac: Daily Readings on America is now out in a second edition. NY Times columnist Paul Krugman thinks that Republicans hate America.

Prager H1: The Eve of Destruction

Prager H1: The NY Times notes that ObamaCare is already leading to less competition in the Health Care industry as providers merge to achieve economies of scale. This will inevitably lead to poorer care and higher prices. This doesn’t matter to liberals, though. Good intentions are good enough. Dennis talks to Congressman David Dreier of the 26th District of California about the lame duck Congress and Republican strategy in 2011 on key issues.

Prager H3: Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Do Jews believe in the devil; who are your favorite Russian composers; should we start racial profiling; how can I be a better father figure to my niece; and does smoking a cigar make you a drug addict?

Prager H2: Happiness Hour: You Find It Where You Can

Prager H2: We tend to tell ourselves that when X, Y, or Z happens. we’ll be happy, but what do you do when X, Y, or Z doesn’t happen? Or X, Y, and Z does happen but they don’t bring happiness. What then?! Dennis contends that the latter is usually the case. and that you must seek out happiness, look elsewhere, and not wait for happiness to find you.

Prager H1: Pat Down

Prager H1: The country remains in a tizzy over the new TSA scanner and pat down procedures. The question is, does it make us significantly safer? Callers weigh in. Dennis congratulates Nancy Pelosi for retaining her leadership position. She is, indeed, the face of the Democratic Party.

Prager H3: Do You Wear a Wedding Band?

Prager H3: A generation ago it was assumed a man would, but a lot of guys are not wearing them today. Dennis asks why. The answers from callers are telling. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on July 31, 2007.

Prager H2: Byzantine

Prager H2: It’s time to simplify our Byzantine tax code. Dennis talks to Philippe Karsenty, vice mayor of the city of Neuilly, France and documentary film-maker. Karsenty bemoans the lack of freedom of the press in Europe. Dennis also talks to Peter Wehner, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. His new book is City of Man: Religion and Politics in a New Era.

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