Dennis Prager 20201201 – 2 Tribute

Dennis pays tribute to his close friend of many years, scholarand brilliant political scientist, Bruce Herschensohn… Many young people are so afraid of Global Warming that they’re not having children. That’s a good thing…

Dennis Prager 20201201 – 1 Low, Lower, Lowest

The New York Times sinks to a new low — an op-ed comparing the Trump campaign’s effort to prove that there was massive vote fraud to the Germans not accepting that they lost WWI… The top nuclear scientist in Iran was killed in a daring raid straight out of a spy thriller. Israelis are assumed responsible… Brown University students want to tear down statues of Caesar and Augustus… Dennis talks to Dr. Beau Briese, an emergency room physician in Houston, TX.

Dennis Prager 20201130 – 3 Pardon

The President pardoned Michael Flynn. An innocent man has finally been cleared… There is a meanness and corruption at the dark heart of the Deep State… Serious Catholics have a tough time (with good reason) respecting the current Pope… Why did the previous pope, Benedict, resign?

Dennis Prager 20201130 – 2 Conspiracy

That there might have been rampant fraud in this past election is, according to the legacy media, a conspiracy theory. Never mind that there is eye-witness testimony and many obvious anomalies. But the Russia Hoax which the legacy media perpetrated, that’s not a conspiracy… Dennis talks to Shelby Steele, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford. His new, highly praised documentary directed by his son, Eli, is What Killed Michael Brown.

Dennis Prager 20201130 – 1 Healthier

The more we ignore the lockdown, the healthier we will be… The woman who is controlling Los Angeles businesses (and bankrupting them) has an advanced degree in leftism… Most health “authorities” deserve our contempt… Even the medical profession is losing credibility…

Dennis Prager 20201127 – 2 Happiness Hour

Don’t Look Back Make a decision and don’t look back. Second guessing yourself will make you unhappy. So will indecision. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast March 15, 2013

Dennis Prager 20201127 – 1 Son, Not Buddy

A recent article in the NY Times focuses on the trend of fathers to be best friends or “a buddy” to their sons rather than a disciplining dad. Dennis doesn’t like it. Callers have their own ideas. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast August 16, 2012.

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