Dennis Prager 20220525 – 3 Values Not Guns

The passion about guns is not about guns, per se. It’s about who should be able to own guns. The Left believes that only the state should have guns. The Right believes that individuals should be able to own them… Dennis talks to Ami Horowitz, video journalist. The subject of his current video is the Supreme Court. Should it be abolished?

Dennis Prager 20220525 – 2 Massacre in Texas, Part 2

Did the lockdowns — no school, very little socialization — have any mental impact on the Texas killer? Is this a fair question to ask? Where is his father? Where is his mother? We only know he shot his grandmother… Doesn’t it make sense to arm as many adults as possible at schools? Would it help to deter killers if they knew that schools are protected with armed adults?

Dennis Prager 20220525 – 1 Massacre in Texas

The second slaughter of innocents in two weeks. This one was in south Texas. The shooter like the Buffalo shooter was a teenager. The Dems immediately scream “gun control.” And then, somehow, blame conservatives as if everyone who believes in the second amendment pulled the trigger.

Dennis Prager 20220524 – 2 Presidential Fabricator

During his speech in Buffalo, the President described recent examples of “white supremacists” murdering blacks. But the examples he gave had nothing to do with white supremacy. Why didn’t the mainstream media call him on these divisive distortions.

Dennis Prager 20220524 – 1 North to Alaska

Dennis gave speeches over the weekend in Alaska. He loved the state and the people… Why does Dennis stay in California, a left-dominated state which is so poorly run? The answer is friends… Feeling good and hating conservatives, that’s what brings the Left satisfaction… According to FBI data, blacks are twice as likely to commit a hate crime as whites…

Dennis Prager 20220523 – 3 Democrats and Everything Else

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… If Biden wanted the country to fail, what would he do differently? Energy, the border, inflation, abortion, wokeness — he’s taken the wrong position on every issue. Then again, he’s just taken the hard-left leaning Democratic Party position — same thing.

Dennis Prager 20220523 – 2 Democrats and Women

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… Why are we allowing men to compete against women? A transgender surfer is just the latest example of a man dominating female sports. Why are Democrats supporting this insanity?

Dennis Prager 20220523 – 1 Democrats and Blacks

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… The Democrats are selling blacks down the proverbial river. Promoting abortion as a form of birth control is just one example. In NYC more black babies are aborted than born… Can you be a Catholic in good standing and promote abortion?

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