Dennis Prager 20221207 – 3 White and Wrong

Dennis spends the hour dissecting a viral video of Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper who calls white people ‘villains’, and says ‘I want to say … we got to take these motherf—kers out’

Dennis Prager 20221207 – 1 Grammar Supremacy

Dennis discusses an article: “The Hijacking of Pediatric Medicine.” He also addresses a high school teacher in Oroville, CA who posted a Tik Tok video… she refuses to teach grammar, claiming it is part of white supremacy.

Dennis Prager 20221206 – 2 To Win in Georgia

The Georgia Senate run-off is today. It’s critical that Herschel Walker win. Every Georgia Republican has a moral obligation to vote… If a meat eater and your guinea pig were drowning, who would you save? An Oxford professor of philosophy and a vegan has the answer… NY Times still insists that the Hunter Biden laptop was “stolen.” It wasn’t…

Dennis Prager 20221206 – 3 Holocaust Denial

To deny a very well-documented event like the Holocaust is simply evil. No one denies that slavery or the Cambodian genocide happened. So why does someone deny the Holocaust? Clearly, antisemitism is involved… Tulane School of Medicine is another medical school that has gone woke.

Dennis Prager 20221206 – 2 Musk, Twitter, and Laptop from Hell

The truth is out: Democrat operatives in collaboration with the FBI (now just another arm of the Democrat party) conspired to squelch the Hunter Biden Laptop story before the 2020 election… Elon Musk blast the NYTimes and the rest of the Pravda media for not reporting on the Twitter/Laptop scandal. Musk knows the reason: they are lap dogs of the Democratic Party.

Dennis Prager 20221206 – 1 Christmas Cheer

Dennis remembers when he realized how much the Christmas season means to him, a Jew… A New Jersey school holds a private drag show by students for faculty. Parents not invited… Dennis runs through various other moral outrages from last week, courtesy of Libs of TikTok.

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