Dennis Prager 20220819 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: My friend’s kid got asked at his school what his pronouns are; The divinity of the number 40, an important number in the Bible; Can you elaborate on the three K’s in Nazi Germany; In MN they are offering 10,000 per child if you homeschool; In an AAA meeting it is tradition to wear a tie to show respect. Dennis talks to a PragerU mom in North Carolina.

Dennis Prager 20220819 – 1 Gratuitous Violence

A flash mob loots a 7-Eleven store in Los Angeles. This sort of crime now barely makes the news. Violence has been normalized… Cities are dying as the result of lawlessness. San Francisco, Portland, and Cleveland are good examples… Michael Hayden, former CIA Director, says Republicans are the “most dangerous force” he’s ever encountered. This is a manifestation of that dread disease, TDS.

Dennis Prager 20220818 – 3 Arizona Red

Dennis talks to Blake Masters, Republican candidate for Senate in Arizona… The difference between left and right is not merely a difference in values; it’s a different perception of reality. The gap between the two sides is not bridgeable at this time.

Dennis Prager 20220818 – 2 Chamber of Horrors

Boston Children’s Hospital is engaging in the worst kind of medical malpractice — encouraging transgenderism… Dennis talks to Ava Kosoy, PragerFORCE member in Plano, TX.

Dennis Prager 20220818 – 1 Creating Chaos

The Left lives for chaos. If it doesn’t exist, the Left will create chaos. It’s obsession with Donald Trump is a perfect example: Russia Hoax, two absurd impeachments attempts, now the unprecedented Mar-a-Lago raid… Dennis talks to Elaine Parker, Chief Communications Officer for Job Creators Network about the absurdly named Inflation Reduction Act.

Dennis Prager 20220817 – 3 No Barrier Reef

Remember when the Greens were hysterically announcing that the Great Barrier Reef was dying, being bleached into oblivion by global warming? Turns out the Greens were wrong… again. The reef is better than ever… Nancy Pelosi speaks of “Mother Earth” as if she were a pagan priestess… The UK (and US) military is being DEI’ed out of existence.

Dennis Prager 20220817 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Dressing Up

It’s okay for men to dress up as women for five-year-olds — Drag Queen Story Hour. But it’s wrong, according to the left, for women to dress up in sexy clothing for men. Does this make sense to anyone who isn’t a leftist? Is the demise of sexy Victoria Secret models a good or bad thing?

Dennis Prager 20220817 – 1 Big Lose

Trump-deranged Lynn Cheney lost big yesterday. Her finger-wagging Trump hatred was thoroughly rejected by ordinary Wyoming residents… The legacy media defends Boston Children’s hospital and its promotion of its trans agenda… Dennis talks to PragerForce member, Cam Higby, Tik Tok influencer… until Tik Tok deplatformed him.

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