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Prager 20181114 – 3 Oceans Thirteen

A major study published in Nature that claimed oceans are warming much faster than previously thought turns out to be wrong… Robert DeNiro swears at the President in public – again. And the Left applauds… The US is split into two different nations — the rural and the urban.

Prager 20181114 – 1 Forest Mismanagement

Dennis talks to Congressman Bruce Westerman of Fourth Congressional District of Arkansas. He’s an expert on forest management in Congress… How did Arizona elect a hard-line leftist to the Senate?… Dennis talks to CA State Senator John Moorlach, true rare bird, a Republican in the CA State Senate. His forest management bill was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Prager 20181113 – 2 Caravan

Dennis talks to video journalist, Ami Horowitz. Ami embedded himself in the Caravan. He saw all the things the media won’t report… A Democratic Congressman calls the current Attorney General an “assassin.:”

Prager 20181113 – 1 California Burning

Dennis wonders why more attention is not paid to fire prevention. 44 people are dead from California fires. Almost all are from the Northern California fires… At more and more colleges new professors are required to sign a “diversity” pledge as a condition of employment… Another racism hoax is exposed at Kansas State University…

Prager 20181112 – 3 Churchill

Dennis talks to Andrew Roberts, renowned British historian. His new book is Churchill: Walking with Destiny.

Prager 20181112 – 2 Two Species

Southern California has been hit by two disasters in two weeks… The person who murdered a dozen people in Thousand Oaks was a true monster. He was human biologically; but was he human in a conscious way?… Dennis returns to French President, Emmanuel Macron, and his incoherent attack on Nationalism…

Prager 20181112 – 1 Veterans Day

Dennis salutes our veterans… The death toll from the latest CA fires is now 31. Jerry Brown blames Global Warming. Why don’t we spend more on fire-fighting equipment and less on a bullet train?… Are the Dems going to succeed in stealing two maybe three elections in FL?… The President of France decries Nationalism. He likes patriotism. What’s the difference?

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