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Dennis Prager 20200327 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Why is it radical to want universal healthcare in the U.S.; Local radio is comparing American Indians to Palestinians; How can I go deeper with someone who acts happy all the time; Loves his PragerU license plate; Dennis talks to Devon Mirsky, director of PragerForce at PragerU.

Dennis Prager 20200327 – 1 Steeped

Dennis has steeped himself in coronavirus research and reports… The Left/Right divide is clear on the corona virus as it is in all issues… Dennis talks to Mark Joseph, the producer of No Safe Spaces. The movie is now available on pay-per-view… Why isn’t everyone who has the virus given hydroxychloroquine?

Dennis Prager 20200326 – 3 Nature Doesn’t Care

Nature is not compassionate. Nature doesn’t care whether you live or die… The Imperial College epidemiologist who made dire death predictions changes his mind… Dennis talks to Alex Berenson, former NY Times reporter.

Dennis Prager 20200326 – 2 Chicago Madness

Dennis continues to discuss the Chicago mayor who doesn’t want her citizens to enjoy the fresh air… When will we use common sense to get ourselves out of this panic… Dennis talks to Will Witt, PragerU Influencer. An agitated student called the police on Will, suggesting that Will was “terrorizing” his campus.

Dennis Prager 20200326 – 1 Unemployed

Well over 3 million people filed for unemployment last week. This is just the beginning. The economy has been shut down. People aren’t working… Sweden has not shut down. So far it’s doing fine… Dennis talks to Steve Cortes, host of the Steve Cortes Show on WIND 560 The Answer Chicago and columnist for Real Clear Politics. The Chicago mayor closes down the lakefront.

Dennis Prager 20200325 – 3 Binge

Dennis talks to Michael Strain, Director of Economic Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute about the new stimulus package… Dennis talks to Yael Gluck, PragerForce Student at YULA Girls High School.

Dennis Prager 20200325 – 1 Panic Mongers

An Israeli scientist says Trump is right. This virus will not lead to catastrophic death tolls… The same people who predicted a disaster with the swine flu are the same people predicting disaster for the coronavirus. They were wrong then. Are they wrong now?… Stanford scientists agree with the Israeli scientist re: death toll.

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