Dennis Prager 20210729 – 3 Olympic Fail

Dennis talks to Julie Hartman, Harvard senior. The media puts absurd pressure on the athletes to succeed and then cheers when they fail… Why is Harvard insisting its students wear masks?…Why is no one watching the Olympics?

Dennis Prager 20210729 – 2 Ivermectin

If Ivermectin is effective against Covid and all indications suggest that it is, why aren’t we making it more accessible? Why does the medical establishment dismiss it and even suggest that it’s harmful?

Dennis Prager 20210729 – 1 Elder for Governor

Dennis talks to Larry Elder, candidate for governor of California. His campaign is going from strength to strength… More studies strongly suggest that Ivermectin, an anti-viral drug, works on Covid. Why is the FDA so against it?

Dennis Prager 20210728 – 3 More Cops

Ninety percent of Detroit residents want more cops on the street. What happened to “defund the police”? In Los Angeles you can steal up to $950 and pretty much get away with it… Dennis talks to Debra Schwartzben, PragerForce Student at the University of Maryland.

Dennis Prager 20210728 – 1 Burn It Down

The Left doesn’t have a plan for the future. What the Left wants is to bring Western Civilization down and replace it with some vague utopia where everyone is “equal.”… Dennis talks to Sandra Yocum, Founder/President of the Yocum African-American History Association, and Frances Rice, co-founder of the Yocum African-American History Association. Their new book is Black History 1619-2019: An Illustrated and Documented African-American History.

Dennis Prager 20210727 – 2 Believing Lies

Those on the Left have to believe giant lies; or otherwise, they can’t be a Leftist. This is a brainwash, plain and simple… A NY Times letter writer is glad she will never have grandchildren because the world is burning up. This is the smoking gun as to how mentally unsound and unnatural leftist-thinking is.

Dennis Prager 20210727 – 1 Promoting Hate

The governor of California referred to those who don’t get vaccinated as “drunk drivers.” He is campaigning to vilify a group… The most courageous thing you can be is committed to truth… Dennis talks to Jill Simonian, Director of Outreach for PREP (PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents)… Olympians are performing without crowds. How sad. If they win, they have to wear a mask on the victory stand. Even sadder…

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