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Prager 20180119 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: should we have proportional representation like they have in Germany and Israel; are e-cigarettes a positive or a negative for society; when did sex become gender.

Prager 20180119 – 1 Shutdown

Will the Democrats “shut down” the government. Why shouldn’t they? Whatever they do, they’ll have the full, unqualified support of the mainstream media… The Democrats put political power first… Israel is building the world’s first underground “wall” around Gaza.

Prager 20180118 – 3 Sheriff Clarke

Dennis talks to Sheriff David Clarke, until recently the chief law enforcement official of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Topics include: the November 2016, winning an election in a liberal county, War on Cops, and the Trump Administration.

Prager 20180118 – 2 Naïve

The Left-wing intellectual is addicted to words – meaningless words… Nicholas Kristof thinks that the US is inferior to Africa… Dennis talks to Victor Davis Hanson, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

Prager 20180118 – 1 Good News

Will the media ever acknowledge all the good that the President is doing? The economic recovery is nothing short of remarkable. The answer re: the media is almost certainly no. It’s non-stop war against the President… Paris fashion wants to get men into dresses… Dennis talks to Carol Swain, senior fellow at the James Madison Center, Princeton University. She teaches the new course for PragerU, “The Inconvenient Truth of the Republican Party.”

Prager 20180117 – 3 Authoritarian

California compels pro-life pregnancy centers to post information about free abortions… Dennis talks Andrew Klavan, bestselling author, screenwriter and host of the Andrew Klavan Show podcast.

Prager 20180117 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Emasculated

Are men also under the influence of our feminizing society? Are gallantry and courtly manners a thing of the past? Is the female now the seducer? Dennis uses a recent book on Swedish society as a starting point.

Prager 20180117 – 1 Inconsequential

The President has many flaws, his tweets are sometimes tough to take, but he has done so much good work in such a short amount of time, it should be easy for Conservatives to overlook his shortcomings. So, why isn’t it for the Never Trumpers?… We are all “packages,” the President is no exception.

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