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Dennis Prager 20191022 – 2 Coming to the Light

Callers suggest that more and more people, contrary to what the major media tells us, are disenchanted with the Democrats and their witch hunts. They’re planning to vote for the President and Republicans… Dennis talks to Freddy Gray, Editor of Spectator USA. The topic is Brexit.

Dennis Prager 20191022 – 1 Business Left

We often blame the universities and the government for the decline of the country and its value-system, but big business has played a key role. It caters to the Left. Why?… Will Democrats pay a price for their vicious form of politics?…

Dennis Prager 20191021 – 3 Knowing What To Keep

Nick Adams guest hosts for Dennis… Former Senator from South Carolina, Jim DeMint , joins the show to discuss his latest book, Conservative: Knowing What To Keep. President Trump addresses the Democrats: “they want to impeach me because it’s the only way they’re going to win.”

Dennis Prager 20191021 – 2 Culture Jihad

Nick Adams guest hosts for Dennis… Former President Obama who has endorsed Justin Truedeau and not his former VP Joe Biden, guarantees a Democrat will win in 2020. AOC endorses Bernie, and Todd Starnes talks to Nick about his latest book: Culture Jihad – How to Stop the Left from Killing a Nation.

Dennis Prager 20191021 – 1 Down Under

Nick Adams guest hosts for Dennis… Mitt Romney begs for the President’s endorsement, gets it, and then turns on him. How low is that?… Nick talks to Steve Cortes, CNN Commentator… A drug cartel goes up the Mexican government over the weekend and wins in a pitched military battle…

Dennis Prager 20191018 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: how did Dennis feel about debating anti-Semites at the Oxford Union a few years ago; how can Dennis go to heaven if he doesn’t believe in Jesus; what is more valuable than common sense.

Dennis Prager 20191018 – 1 Big D

President Trump held a massive rally in Dallas last night and addressed the Left’s attack on religious freedom…. Dennis takes on the old adage that we have much more in common than we disagree on. We do have things in common, but not where it matters… The American Left despises this country; one does not wish to fundamentally transform something that one loves.

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