Dennis Prager 20220124 – 3 Homeschooling

The Covid crisis have pushed many families to homeschooling. What is even more encouraging is that families are sticking with it… How much misinformation are we getting from the CDC, NIH and the legacy media?… Finland is prosecuting a bishop and an author for asserting that men and women are different sexes. Dennis talks to Joy Pullman, executive editor at The Federalist.

Dennis Prager 20220124 – 2 Brussels Protest

In addition to the Washington, DC no vax mandate protest, there was a massive peaceful protest in Brussel until the police broke it up. Dennis talks to Eva Vlaadingerbroek, a Dutch lawyer. Eva was at the protest… Dennis returns to CA wanting to allow kids to vaccinate without parental consent.

Dennis Prager 20220124 – 1 Cut Out the Parents

CA Dems want to pass a bill to allow kids to get the vaccine without their parents approval. All totalitarians seek to undercut parental authority. Nothing can be higher than the state… Higher education teaches you to be stupid. The best educated are the most woke… Dennis talks to Will Witt, host of the Will and Amala podcast at PragerU.com. Will spoke at the Washington, DC rally protesting vax mandates.

Dennis Prager 20220121 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: why do the left attach themselves to the word “community” can you explain why; did you take ivermectin or the other medicine after you had Covid; why did the Jews stop sacrificing animals for the forgiveness of sins; can you explain how Nazism is not a leftist ideology?

Dennis Prager 20220121 – 1 Ukraine

Dennis disagrees with isolationists on the left and right. Do we allow the bullies of the world to have free rein? Do we have to wait until our enemies are in NY harbor?… Why is Austria locking down again and requiring vaccine of all citizens and neighbor Czech Republic is going in the opposite direction?

Dennis Prager 20220120 – 3 Train Robbery

Dennis talks to Will Witt, host of the Will and Amala Show podcast for PragerU. Will went down to the railroad tracks In downtown Los Angeles to survey the “wreckage” caused by the great Los Angeles train robberies… Jordan Peterson has resigned his tenured professorship at U. of Toronto. His reasons are compelling.

Dennis Prager 20220120 – 2 Baby Step Millionaires

Dennis talks to Dave Ramsey, legendary personal finance expert and host of the Ramsey Show. His new book is Baby Steps Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth–and How You Can Too.

Dennis Prager 20220120 – 1 Snooze-making

President Biden held a two-hour press conference yesterday. It didn’t make for the most exciting television… Why was the murderer of the UCLA student out on the street?

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