Dennis Prager 20200605 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: has the younger generation been radicalized; why did Drew Brees apologize — twice; will we ever be a handshaking/hugging people again.

Dennis Prager 20200605 – 1 No More Good Cop Movies

An op-ed in calls for Hollywood to halt production of all movies and TV shows about the police. Why? Because there are no good police. It’s a Hollywood myth… Minneapolis considers disbanding their police department… Do we have epidemic of police brutality against blacks? Or is it a myth?

Dennis Prager 20200604 – 3 Red November

Dennis talks to Joel Pollak, senior editor at Breitbart.com. His new book is Red November: Will the Country Vote Red for Trump or Red for Socialism?

Dennis Prager 20200604 – 2 If Truth Mattered

If truth mattered, there would be no Left… Nine unarmed black suspects were killed by police in the US in 2018. 19 unarmed whites were killed in the same year. There are millions of encounters every year between police and civilians. There is no epidemic of police brutality or racism… Dennis talks to Dr Sabine Hazan, specialist in gastroenterology, and one of her patients, Sunny Sassoon, owner of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. He was saved by an HCQ treatment.

Dennis Prager 20200604 – 1 Recant

The head coach of the Denver Broncos is forced to issue an abject apology for saying the NFL is not racist… Dennis talks to James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas. He has a new video exposing the inner workings of AntiFa in Portland, OR.

Dennis Prager 20200603 – 3 Utter Destruction

The Left has plowed a path of destruction from Marx on… The socialist member of the Seattle City Council is upset that people are upset with the looting… The Mayor of Los Angeles calls for a “summer of peace.” Why did he allow a week of violence?

Dennis Prager 20200603 – 2 Police Brutality

The NY Times preaches that violence won’t end until police brutality ends. Since police brutality will never end (human beings are flawed), the violence will never end… New York Mayor, Bill Di Blasio, won’t call in the National Guard. Rioters and looters run wild. The mayor is ruining the city Giuliani saved from previous Democrat mayors… The Democrats have their own broken windows theory of policing: let looters break windows.

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