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Dennis Prager 20200324 – 2 President Speaks Truth

The President speaks more truth in ten minutes than the NYTimes, CNN et al do in a week… France’s vaunted socialized medicine plan has failed miserably. And we were supposed to follow that model?…

Dennis Prager 20200324 – 1 Playing Games

Dennis talks to Jim Robbins, columnist for USA Today, about how the Dems have larded the rescue bill with a Leftist wish list… Dennis talks to Sammy Jacobs, a high school student member of PragerForce in Utah.

Dennis Prager 20200323 – 3 Prices Paid

What price are we willing pay to stop the virus? Isn’t that a fair question?… Why have Italy and Iran been hit so hard? Look to their involvement with China… Callers fill Dennis in on their virus experiences over the weekend.

Dennis Prager 20200323 – 2 Political Football

Dennis talks to Guy Benson, political editor for The Democrats are playing crass political games with the coronavirus economic rescue bill… Are hospitals going to be overrun with corona cases?… Dennis talks to Allison Robison, a PragerForce student at Mary Hardin-Baylor U.

Dennis Prager 20200323 – 1 Corona, Corona

Our lives are now dominated by the virus. All of life has cost and benefits. Are we calculating the cost of closing down society? Dennis talks to Aaron Ginn, Silicon Valley technologist. He’s done a deep data dive into virus stats…

Dennis Prager 20200320 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda… Dennis talks to Sofonias Kassahun Workie, a PragerForce student at the University of Rome La Sapienza.

Dennis Prager 20200320 – 1 CA NY Shut Down

California and New York are now closed for business. Do the numbers of deaths justify this drastic action? Dennis does not believe so. Neither does the Wall Street Journal.

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