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Dennis Prager 20240219 – 1 Trump Derangement

A judge in New York decides that Donald Trump should be fined $400M (with interest) for exaggerating his wealth. It’s a crime without a victim. Doesn’t that mean it’s actually not a crime?… AME churches accuse Israel of genocide. This is a libel against the Jewish state…

Dennis Prager 20240216 – 1 One Percent Gone

Dennis wonders what the world be like if just one percent of the world’s worst people were to disappear… You can control a large population through terror. Lenin and Stalin and every other hideous dictator in the twentieth century proves that… Putin loves Biden. The American president is creating energy scarcity. Better for Russia.

Dennis Prager 20240215 – 2 Gifting Yourself

Given the fact that so many people are single, there is a new phenomenon: sending yourself a Valentine’s Day gift… There was shooting at the Chief’s victory celebration in Kansas City. One person was killed over twenty, including children, were wounded. Yet another senseless, horrific act. One person can destroy everything for so many… Dennis talks to Xaviaer DuRousseau, PragerU personality. He recently returned from Israel.

Dennis Prager 20240215 – 1 Moral Test

Israel is dealing with true evil and most of the world wants it to stop its efforts to eradicate it. As Douglas Murray has observed, Israel is the only country that’s not allowed to win a war. Israel remains the moral test of our time. If you don’t get this one right, your moral compass is out of whack…

Dennis Prager 20240214 – 1 California Down

This once glorious state is a shell of its former self. The left has taken it down… Another boy achieves another victory — against girls. This time in the high jump… Homeland Security head, Alejandro Mayorkas has been impeached by the House. Impeachment is now a political tool, but for that you can blame the Democrats…

Dennis Prager 20240213 – 2 Lawless

NYC police were attacked over 5000 times last year. Do criminals fear the police anymore? Why should they? If they are arrested, they are immediately released… More and more college students identify as “gender non-conforming.” The left creates chaos… Dennis talks to David Bahnsen, renowned investment strategist. His new book is Full-Time: Work and the Meaning of Life.

Dennis Prager 20240213 – 1 Rich Racist

Bill Ackman, a hedge fund billionaire, realizes that the left-leaning mainstream media is incapable of writing an unbiased story. Ackman led the charge against Harvard president, Claudine Gay. That put him in the cross hairs of the Washington Post. They profiled him as a rich racist. Case closed.

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