Dennis Prager 20200917 – 3 Candace Owens

Candace Owens, host of the Candace Owens podcast for PragerU and founder of the Blexit Movement. Her new book is Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation.

Dennis Prager 20200917 – 2 Dan Henninger

Dennis talks to Dan Henninger, columnist for the Wall Street Journal and member of their editorial board. In his latest column Henninger says the Dems have gone insane. Have voters noticed?…

Dennis Prager 20200916 – 2 Male/Female Hour: How to Love

How would you like your spouse to express their love for you? It seems like a basic question, but how many have thought about it, let alone described it? A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast January 10, 2018.

Dennis Prager 20200916 – 1 Excess Deaths

Perhaps the best way to measure the real damage of the coronavirus is to measure excess deaths. There appears to be mounting evidence that excess deaths have either returned to normal or dropped below normal. If so, the crisis is over… Dennis talks to Rabbi Yaakov Menken, host of the Moral Heritage podcast. He organized a letter from 100 rabbis denouncing the hate group called the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Dennis Prager 20200915 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: No Moral Compass

Dennis used to think that the Left had a broken moral compass. He’s come to a new conclusion: The Left has no moral compass at all. They have a power compass. A race compass. A male/female compass. Morality — issues of right and wrong — doesn’t enter into the equation.

Dennis Prager 20200915 – 2 UAE

The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain sign a peace treaty with Israel at the White House. It’s significant achievement. The President gets the credit… Dennis talks to Jim Daly, President of Focus on Family… The lockdown gets more destructive every day… The irrational is frightening. The lockdown is irrational.

Dennis Prager 20200915 – 1 Obscurantism

The University of Chicago English Department will only accept people into their graduate program that agree to work on black studies. Their statement is both embarrassing (such unclear English) and foolish. With few exceptions, higher education is a wasteland… The Left wants to blame the west coast fires on global warming…

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