Dennis Prager 20220808 – 3 Hoteled Homeless

Los Angeles has come up with a truly suicidal new homeless plan: force hotels to house the homeless… Dennis talks to Orpha Berry, a homeschooling parent who uses PragerU materials…

Dennis Prager 20220808 – 1 Inflation Reduction Farce

The Democrats have proudly passed a massive new spending bill and then have the nerve to say it will reduce inflation. And now I have a bridge I want to sell you… Dennis talks to Elaine Parker, Chief Communications Officer for Jobs Creators Network about the so-called Inflation Reduction Act. It will hurt the middle class and small business owners.

Dennis Prager 20220805 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: is “Judeo-Christian values” a fair term… Dennis talks to Jenny Nohelty, Director of Legacy & Special Gifts for PragerU. She works with donors who want to remember PragerU in their Legacy Plans.

Dennis Prager 20220805 – 1 Green New Biden Deal

The Democrats are about to pass a massive spending bill which is just a smaller version of the Green New Deal. It’s absurdly called the Inflation Reduction Act, but there is no chance it will reduce inflation. In fact, all it will do is raise our energy costs.

Dennis Prager 20220804 – 3 Give Us a Plan

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… Republicans have a good chance of getting back the House in September. The party should come out with a plan. And then hold themselves to it. No empty promises… 61% of Americans are living pay to paycheck. The price of gas and the price of food is making life harder for most of us.

Dennis Prager 20220804 – 2 Complicit

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… The new Biden spending bill will be a disaster for small business… What is our foreign policy? Does anyone know?

Dennis Prager 20220804 – 1 No Compromise

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… The Democrats have shown us their cards. They want to obliterate the American way of life. Republicans can’t think about compromise because the Dems have no interest in compromise. Time to stand firm… The new Biden spending bill will weaponize the IRS against Dems’ opponents…

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