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Radio Show

Dennis Prager 20190218 – 3 Ann

Dennis talks to Ann Coulter, best-selling author and syndicated columnist. Topics include: the President, the Wall, the Central Park rape case.

Dennis Prager 20190218 – 1 Fake News

The Jussie Smollett story broke wide open over the weekend. Looks like he planned and paid for “the attack.” Another phony hoax hate story… Truth is not a left-wing value… Immigrants bring their values with them to their new country…

Dennis Prager Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: why don’t you play best-of snippets at the end of the week anymore; observed socialist medicine in Moldova. They give doctors a pay increase to incentivize; What are your thoughts on dual-language programs emerging in elementary schools; as a Christian, is it worth reading The Rational Bible, since Jesus is excluded; wants the name of the woman you talked about yesterday who tweeted foul language about Trump; daughter just got engaged, what questions should a father ask his potential son-in-law; fled Canada due to their socialized medicine, wife is a surgeon.

Dennis Prager 220190215 – 1 National Emergency

The President declares a national emergency in order to finish building his border wall. Did he have any choice? Is this a wise political move? The President also duels with the media in a post-announcement press conference. Dennis plays clips and analyzes.

Dennis Prager 20190214 – 3 Michael Medved

Dennis talks to his fellow talk show host and podcaster, Michael Medved. Topics raised include: Amazon abandoning NYC, blackface, and anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Dennis Prager 20190214 – 2 Who Are Your Valentines?

Dennis reads a study that lists how much Americans spend on their spouse, children and pets – yes pets – for Valentine’s Day. Callers react… Dennis talks to Craig Strazzeri, Chief Marketing Officer, for PragerU. The topic: new Twitter shadowing banning scandal.

Dennis Prager 20190214 – 1 Valentine’s Day

Americans will spend $20B on Valentine’s Day. What’s wrong with that?… Dennis talks to Reihan Salam, Executive Editor of National Review. He teaches the newest PragerU video “America Wants Legal Immigrants.”

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