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Dennis Prager 20191205 – 3 Edge of Democracy

Nancy Pelosi claims that the President’s Ukraine call “threatens our democracy.” No, Nancy, you threaten our democracy, not the President with your absurd calls for impeachment… Dennis talks to Dan Henninger, columnist for the Wall Street Journal and member of the editorial page, about the impeachment hearings.

Dennis Prager 20191205 – 2 Guilt by Accusation

Dennis talks to Alan Dershowitz, famed Harvard law professor. His new book is Guilt by Accusation: The Challenge of Proving Innocence in the Age of #MeToo… The Greens are getting more and more hysterical about Global Warming. And people are listening less and less to their sky-is-falling rhetoric.

Dennis Prager 20191205 – 1 Black Skin

Describing a person as having black skin is now apparently racist. A sportscaster is suspended for saying so… What is the difference between genital mutilation and a double mastectomy performed on a teenager who think she’s a boy?… Young people are drifting away from religion. This is not a good trend.

Dennis Prager 20191204 – 3 Lowering the Bar

The Democrats have lowered the bar for impeachment. Future Presidents will pay the price… There’s ever less free speech on college campuses… Dennis talks to RR Reno, editor of First Things. His new book is Return of the Strong Gods: Nationalism, Populism, and the Future of the West.

Dennis Prager 20191204 – 1 Lawyer Show

The impeachment farce rolls on with Democrat law professors explaining why the President should be impeached… Only one spoke against impeachment. That law professor, Jonathan Turley, is not a Trump supporter…

Dennis Prager 20191203 – 2 Economy Booms

Amazon has its best day ever. Black Friday sales way up. But does our Republican President get credit? Not if the major media has anything to say about it… The Mexican cartels out gun the Mexican police and military… Now it’s a War on Thanksgiving. Have a feast if you want to, but the Left wants you to know it was really a racist massacre…

Dennis Prager 20191203 – 1 Dennis in Israel

Dennis returns to Israel. He’s broadcasting there this week and next. It’s always a special time… The new terror murders in London last week has many lessons. One is we are killing ourselves literally with misplaced compassion…

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