Dennis Prager 20200623 – 2 No George

A prestigious high school in Nashville decides that, in light of current events, George Washington is no longer worth celebrating… It’s hard to keep track of the statues that are being brought down by leftist mobs… The Left is the iceberg. Can we avoid it?

Dennis Prager 20200623 – 1 Kimmel Skewered

Jimmy Kimmel is in trouble for admitting that men have salacious thoughts about attractive young women. He said nothing wrong… An opinion piece in the NY Times announces that men menstruate, men have babies. Who’s laughing now Bill Maher?

Dennis Prager 20200622 – 3 Read, Writing and Racism

A radical, leftist “social justice” curriculum is coming to a local school near you… One of the heads of BLM admits she’s “a trained Marxist.” Everything the Left advocates is based on a lie.

Dennis Prager 20200622 – 2 Trashing America

Dennis talks to Bill O’Reilly, best-selling author and host of the Bill O’Reilly Podcast … The experts completely failed us on their corona virus predictions. Now they call for a second lockdown. Will we be fooled again?

Dennis Prager 20200619 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: disagrees that God doesn’t protect individual people; Afraid of my fellow black people, not the police; when you are speaking to a caller are you speaking “with” or “to” them; why was it good that your parents didn’t pay you much attention; the sciences have been corrupted for a very long time; how bluegrass music got its name; do you believe in Jewish Oral Law; tells about “Proud Patriot Boys” in Coeur D’Alene, ID; asks about your debate with Sam Harris?

Dennis Prager 20200619 – 1 Down Comes Columbus

In Columbus, Ohio! Somehow taking down the statue of Columbus will improve the life of citizens in that city? How can they now not change the city name?… We honor Columbus because he opened North America to Europeans. We honor him because we honor Western Civilization.

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