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Dennis Prager 20200110 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Dennis and Allen debate whether you should toss products you’ve bought but don’t like; what unifies America; do you mature if you get married; how do you develop self-confidence.

Dennis Prager 20200110 – 1 Irresponsible

The latest sick twist on the Soleimani killing: blaming the US for downing the Ukranian airliner. Pete Buttigieg is one of those who blames the President.

Dennis Prager 20200109 – 3 Trump’s Triumph

Dennis talks to Michael Doran, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. He has served in the departments of State and Defense, and on the National Security Council. The topic is the targeted killing of Qassem Soleimani and the Democrats reaction.

Dennis Prager 20200109 – 2 Predictions

The sign at the Glacier National Park announcing that the glaciers will be gone by 2020 is being replaced. The glaciers are still there… Dennis reads a piece in the UK Guardian from 2004 which predicts apocalypse in 2020. Gee, we’re still here and no apocalypse.

Dennis Prager 20200109 – 1 Early Brainwash

The Leftist brainwash starts before college… Time Magazine wants to tell you how to talk to your kids about the killing of Soleimani… How is that Left and Right think so differently?

Dennis Prager 20200108 – 3 Net Moral Good

The world is better place now that Qassem Soleimani is not in it… Environmental regulations and Green activism have a lot more to do with Australian fires than Global Warming… Dennis talks to Ami Horowitz, video journalist. His new video is on the reasons for black anti-Semitism in Brooklyn…

Dennis Prager 20200108 – 1 Simply Great

President Trump has been remarkably successful in his first term. He has exceeded everyone’s expectations… The President addressed the nation on his Iran strategy. It boils down to this: we’re not putting up with your mayhem and murder any more… Dennis talks to Steve Cortes, columnist for Real Clear Politics, analyst for CNN and now the new host for our Salem Affiliate in Chicago, WIND. AM560 The Answer. Afternoon drive. 5-7pm.

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