Dennis Prager 20201120 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: what’s your favorite cigar; what’ll you do if they make the Covid vaccine mandatory; why don’t you believe in Jesus; give my young sons twenty seconds of wisdom; friends’ kids return from college and brainwash the parents; you never ended up saying what you DO believe about Jesus; son came home from college a liberal but I exposed him to conservative views.

Dennis Prager 20201120 – 1 Locked

CA Gov. tightens his lockdown. No one out of the house after 10pm. Like all other measures, this will accomplish nothing, or worse… We have become obsessed with coronavirus testing… What is a “case”? The word has lost its meaning… Do we have a right to an accurate vote count? Or should we just trust the media to tell us “the truth”?… What would Thanksgiving be without a NY Times piece reminding us that the holiday really celebrates genocide?

Dennis Prager 20201119 – 3 Seeking Truth

How do we find the truth when the legacy media is so determined to keep it from us?… The New England Journal of Medicine publishes the leftist view on the rights of the transgender to compete in women’s sports… Dennis talks to Simone Gold, an emergency room physician. Her new book is I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture.

Dennis Prager 20201119 – 1 End of Women’s Sports

Dennis talks to Selina Soule, Connecticut high school track star. She presents the new PragerU video, The End of Women’s Sports… The President’s legal team makes a presentation of its findings of voting irregularities. Hundreds have signed affidavits asserting that they witnessed vote fraud.

Dennis Prager 20201118 – 3 Big Apple Bye-Bye

Megyn Kelly is leaving NYC. The final straw was an angry leftist letter that the school insisted must be read to her children… Conservative parents must find a school that teaches our values or home school… The election has broken many friendships…

Dennis Prager 20201118 – 1 Mask Up

CA adds a new mask mandate to its list of lockdown restrictions. More restrictions coming… There is growing evidence that the President would have won a traditional election… Biden appoints an anti-free speech advocate to his communications team. Not a good sign.

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