Dennis Prager 20221123 – 3 Open Lines

Since Friday will be a Best of Prager Show, Dennis opens the lines. Issues raised include: why would anyone want to destroy Thanksgiving; how will history regard us when it looks back and sees that we allowed young people to be sacrificed to a cult of transgenderism.

Dennis Prager 20221123 – 1 America Is Fat

The Left wants to “Columbus Day” Thanksgiving; that is, they want to turn it into a day of mourning for the Indians who were supplanted by white people from Europe. But who did the Indians supplant?… Dennis talks to Vinnie Tortorich, renowned fitness expert and host of the Fitness Confidential podcast. He presents the new PragerU video, “America Is Fat, But You Don’t Have to Be.”

Dennis Prager 20221122 – 1 More Blame

The Left has convinced itself that the Right is responsible for the Colorado Springs murders. Apparently, trying to defend the sexual innocence of children is murderous… The Left despises the Bible. They have their own “religion” — Leftism.

Dennis Prager 20221121 – 2 Virtue-Cult

Sam Bankman-Fried, now the greatest fraudster in American history, is the poster boy of the Silicon Valley “virtue” cult… Another young female “transitioner” now terribly regrets what she has done to herself.

Dennis Prager 20221121 – 1 Blame MAGA

Within hours of the murders in a Colorado Springs gay club, Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, placed the blame for the atrocity on Republicans. This is now standard Democratic Party strategy. Maybe some dimwits will believe it… San Francisco will give free money to transgenders…

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