Dennis Prager 3 Who Is a Progressive?

A mom who long considered herself to be a hard-core leftist is forced to rethink her positions when she realizes that it’s the Democrats who are keeping her kid out of school and locked into Zoom learning… A noted Israeli microbiologist excoriates his home country’s Covid policies.

Dennis Prager 2 Male/Female Hour: Growing Apart

Dennis talks to Alison Armstrong, renown relationship expert. Topic: what happens when couples grow apart? How do they come back together?
20220112 – 3 Who Is a Progressive?

Dennis Prager 1 Division

This president is the most divisive in memory. His address in Georgia is a good example. The president did nothing but demonize Republicans in his dishonest speech… A brave Israel scientist repudiates the nation’s overly cautious Covid policy…

Dennis Prager 20220111 – 2 Damaging Children

The lockdowns hurt kids by keeping them out of school and now we are hurting them again by demanding that they get vaccinated when they have almost no risk of getting seriously ill from Covid… Many teachers and doctors have hurt the reputation of their profession in the two years with their rigid Covid “containment” policies. They have failed students and patients.

Dennis Prager 20220111 – 1 Biden’s Economy

Dennis talks to Andy Puzder, Fox News economic analyst and frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal. He has also made several PragerU videos… Dennis talks to Ashley Rindsberg, investigative journalist. He presents the new PragerU Video, “Can You Trust the NY Times?”

Dennis Prager 20220110 – 3 White Coats, Black Lives

The Left destroys everything it touches. It has touched medical schools… Why are young married couples having fewer children?… Are there too many people in the world? Are we squeezing nature? These are now standard leftist fears.

Dennis Prager 20220110 – 2 The Cure and the Disease

The Left’s “cure” is almost always worse than the social ill they’re supposed to be solving… Dennis talks to David Bahnsen, investment advisor and frequent economic and political writer for National Review and Forbes, His new book is There’s No Free Lunch: 250 Economic Truths.

Dennis Prager 20220110 – 1 Ignoramus

Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, sounded like a not-smart person during the questioning period in Biden mandate case hearing. She spouted dire statistics that had no relation to reality… The Left creates fantasy problems and then demands extreme measures to “solve” those problems. They end up with more power and we end up with less freedom.

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