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Dennis Prager 20200116 – 3 Celebratory Cigar

LSU championship football team was threatened with arrest when they lit up some celebratory cigars… Dennis talks to Jeremiah Keenan, writer for the Federalist. The topic is the rights of parents in Canada to prevent children from taking transgender hormones.

Dennis Prager 20200116 – 2 Leadership

Dennis talks to Jocko Willink, former Navy Seal; now a business leadership consultant, and host of the very popular Jocko podcast. He also gave last year’s PragerU commencement address “Discipline = Freedom.” His new book is Leadership Strategy and Tactics: Field Manual… Candace Owens is disinvited from a podcast because she asserts that only women can give birth.

Dennis Prager 20200116 – 1 Senate Trial

The House impeachment managers, Schiff and company, bring their baseless charges over to the Senate… Imagine what the country would be like if the NYTimes and its major media allies was conservative… Dennis talks to Nikki Haley, former governor of S Carolina and former US Ambassador to the UN. Her new book is With All Due Respect: Defending America with Grit and Grace.

Dennis Prager 20200115 – 3 Debate #7, part 3

Dennis continues his analysis. Was there anyone on stage you would want to run the country as its Chief Executive?… The Dems are obsessed with global warming. If it’s an existential crisis, why isn’t it every candidate’s first and only concern. If the end of life is near who cares about anything else? But did anyone say about word about nuclear power?

Dennis Prager 20200115 – 2 Debate #7, part 2

Democrats keep talking about “surge of diplomacy.” Trump has a surge of diplomacy with North Korea and he’s mocked. A surge of diplomacy with Russia and he’s in Putin’s pocket…
Feminists Warren and Klobuchar want to take all our troops out of Afghanistan post haste. Women will be the first people slaughtered by Taliban if that policy is enacted.

Dennis Prager 20200115 – 1 Debate #7

Dennis deconstructs last night’s debate… If any of these candidates wins and does what they say they want to do, we will soon be living in a different country. It won’t be won the founders would recognize.

Dennis Prager 20200114 – 2 Death to America

CNN’s Erin Burnett thinks that the “Death to America” chant doesn’t really mean anything. We shouldn’t take it seriously…. In Canada, a father is denied the ability to stop daughter from taking transgender hormones… Two news anchors in Iran quit. One apologizes for 13 years of lies.

Dennis Prager 20200114 – 1 The Crown

Dennis talks to Daniel Hannan, British member of the European Parliament and presenter of the newest PragerU video, “What Is ‘Fair’”? Topics include: the Royals, the President and Brexit…

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