Dennis Prager 20231130 – 3 The Radical Mind

Dennis talks to David Horowitz, Founder and President of The David Horowitz Freedom Center. His new book is The Radical Mind: The Destructive Plans of the Woke Left.

Dennis Prager 20231130 – 2 Resegregating Schools

A Chicago suburb is now segregating classes between blacks and whites. This is not a white supremacy prescription. This is a leftist plan. They believe that blacks learn better with and from blacks. The left calls this “affinity classes.” Why isn’t it called racism?

Dennis Prager 20231130 – 1 Rooting for Police State

Not since the 60’s when students shouted slogans in favor of North Vietnamese communists, have students (and many adults) rooted in favor of a police state — in this case Hamas… Dennis talks to Joel Rosenberg, founder and editor-in-chief of All Israel News…

Dennis Prager 20231129 – 3 Moral Decline

When the Oakland City Council proposed a resolution to condemn Hamas, they got a lot of leftist pushback, i.e., support for the terrorist group… Greta Thunberg has a new cause: promoting Hamas… A USC professor is suspended because he called for the killing of Hamas terrorists…

Dennis Prager 20231129 – 1 End of Women’s Sports

Students at a Florida high school walk out of class in support of ending women’s sports. The moral rot starts young and runs deep… Catholic Women’s college decides to admit men (men who “identify” as women). The Left destroys one more institution…

Dennis Prager 20231128 – 2 Secretary of Miseducation

Miguel Cardona, the Secretary of Education, gets a famous Ronald Reagan quote completely backwards… Imams preach hate of UK mosques… Is Israel in an impossible position re: winning its war against Hamas…

Dennis Prager 20231128 – 1 Morally Confused

There are a lot of morally confused people. If you can’t discern the clear moral difference between Israel and Hamas, you are one of those people… A leader in the 60’s Civil Rights movement would not be comfortable with today’s identity politics… The most important subject to study is history.

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