Dennis Prager 20211219 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: 10 year old wants to talk to you about the Book of Job; how melatonin can help Covid; if they discovered life on Mars how would you view God; how can you believe in objective morality; 92 year old how can I be happy after my wife has passed?

Dennis Prager 20211219 – 1 Correct Answers

Are we now to believe that there isn’t one right answer in math? How does this help students?… Dennis gave a talk to NYU students over Zoom. His talk was constantly disrupted… Our “best educated” are the ones who are most likely to believe nonsense — men can give birth, our world will end in a decade because of global warming, the US is systemically racist… Is there a scale of “whiteness.”

Dennis Prager 20210218 – 3 Damage Done to Kids

A new study finds that young people have suffered various health and psychological maladies from a year of mask wearing. These mask policies have real short-term consequences. What will the long-term consequences be?… Dennis talks to Dinesh D’Souza, film-maker, best-selling author and now podcaster.

Dennis Prager 20210218 – 2 Texas Freeze

Dennis talks to Chuck McConnell, former assistant secretary of energy for the Obama Administration. He’s now at the U. of Houston. The topic is the Texas freeze. How did it happen?… Dennis returns to the Gates Foundation funding of “anti-racist” math programs. How ironic given that Gates made his billions because he’s a math genius.

Dennis Prager 20210218 – 1 Rush United

The Legacy media says that Rush was divisive. Wrong. He united conservatives. And he highlighted how the Left divided the country, separating Americans from their proud heritage… Bill Gates supports programs that teach standard math is racist. He’s been doing a lot of destructive things with his money. How sad… Dennis talks to Mike Netter, founder of the Recall Gavin Newsom campaign.

Dennis Prager 20210217 – 3 Rush

Talk radio has been critical to the modern conservative movement. No one was more critical to talk radio than Rush. He dominated the genre for decades. His death is a great loss… Dennis talks to Joshua Mitchell, professor of political theory at Georgetown University. His new book is American Awakening: Identity Politics and Other Afflictions of Our Time.

Dennis Prager 20210217 – 2 Close Friend

Is it good, bad or neutral if your spouse has a “close friend” of the opposite sex with whom they spend time? Is it good for a relationship to have no element of jealousy? Callers have thoughts.

Dennis Prager 20210217 – 1 El Rushbo Is Gone

The Great One, Rush Limbaugh, succumbed to lung cancer this morning. He virtually created conservative talk radio. No one understood politics like Rush. He was original, brilliant, generous and very funny. The Left hated him because he was so popular and so effective. He was also very friendly to Dennis whenever they met… A Democratic Congresswoman calls for a Truth Commission.

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