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Dennis Prager 20190411 – 3 Gay Marriage

Dennis plays VP Mike Pence’s response to Mayor Pete Buttigieg and takes calls on why gay marriage is acceptable in the eyes of the Left, but not incest

Dennis Prager 20190411 – 2 Hypocrisy

Dennis is joined by Tina Griffin, her website is, and they discuss how Facebook has manipulated her account because of content, and the hyper-sexualization of children’s dance. Why is the Left is fine with this, but not swimsuit wearing in the Miss America competition?

Dennis Prager 20190411 – 1 Texas State Shame

The student government of Texas State U. has voted to ban Turning Point USA from campus… Candace Owens displays great courage in front of the US Congress… Thomas Friedman of the NY Times accuses the President and Netanyahu as being “authoritarian.” What does that even mean?

Dennis Prager 20190410 – 2 Smackdown

Candace Owens and Congressman Ted Lieu had an explosive exchange yesterday on Capitol Hill. Mark plays you the audio where our own Dennis Prager was referenced during the debate. How is the rest of the media covering it? Mark Davis has the answer along with Bernie Sanders advice on how you can become a millionaire like him.

Dennis Prager 20190410 – 1 Grin and Barr it

Mark Davis fills in for Dennis from Dallas, TX. Mark dissects AG Bill Barr’s testimony while talking about future Hall of Famer, Dirk Nowitzki’s final game in Dallas last night. Mark takes your calls.

Dennis Prager 20190409 – 2 Knesset Election

In the midst of the ongoing election in Israel, Dennis speaks to Middle East experts Felice and Michael Friedson. The Friedsons, who are on the ground in Israel, tell us what the consequences of this election will be if Netanyahu and his party lose at the ballot box. Find their work at

Dennis Prager 20190409 – 1 Born That Way

Dennis brings you the latest news as he broadcasts from West Lafayette, IN. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg pegged evangelicals as hypocrites for their support of the President. Dennis responds, then takes your calls. Is Buttigieg a hypocrite himself?

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