Dennis Prager 20220803 – 3 Masks Don’t Work

Yet another study suggests that masks don’t work. They are splash guards, not viral guards. You can’t mask out a virus… Dennis returns to George Soros’s justification for his support of soft-on-crime prosecutors… Dennis talks to Jodie Esponda. PragerU Kids PREP member and homeschool mom in Southern California.

Dennis Prager 20220803 – 1 Primaries

There were primaries in Missouri, Arizona and Michigan yesterday. The results were mixed, but mostly positive… On the Left, America is bad; Communism isn’t… Electric cars might be great, but they’re not Green… George Soros defends spending millions to get “reform” prosecutors elected in the Wall Street Journal. His arguments are incoherent.

Dennis Prager 20220802 – 2 Made in China

In the last five years, China has become less and less free and more and more belligerent toward the US… Dennis talks to Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU.

Dennis Prager 20220802 – 1 They Say It’s Your Birthday

Today is Dennis’s birthday. Naturally, he has reflections… Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan. Why did she go? No one from the Administration seems ready to answer that question. We don’t have enough tension in the world today?… The World Economic Forum doesn’t want you to own a car…

Dennis Prager 20220801 – 3 Uncle Tom 2

Dennis talks his friend and now podcaster for Epoch Times, Larry Elder. He has made a sequel to his excellent documentary, Uncle Tom… More radio reflections.

Dennis Prager 20220801 – 2 More Lessons

Dennis offers more of the many lessons he has learned from being a talk show host… Callers describe how listening to Dennis has influenced their lives…

Dennis Prager 20220801 – 1 Forty Year Anniversary

Dennis has been talking on the radio for forty years this month. He has learned many lessons. This month he will reflect on some of them… Dennis talks to Elyse McGowan a 15 year old Canadian who recently moved to Venice, FL. She found PragerU and became a conservative and member of PragerFORCE!

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