Dennis Prager 20200910 – 3 A Fool’s Game

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The 19th anniversary of 9/11 is tomorrow. Does it matter where the terror threats come from? Or is terror terror no matter who does it?

Dennis Prager 20200910 – 2 My Trump Vote

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Trump voters want to make a statement to the media. We don’t believe your lies and we are not fooled by them.

Dennis Prager 20200910 – 1 Couldn’t Care Less

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Mark is a major football fan. But not this year. The “social justice” activism of the NFL has completely turned him off… Have we won the War on Terror?

Dennis Prager 20200909 -3 Frightened Into Stupidity

Dennis laments the state of our current Covid-19 lockdown. Wearing a mask outside is stupid! You can eat without a mask next to someone on a plane, but not ten feet from others in a restaurant. Trick or treating has been cancelled in California. Anonymity makes you and “A-hole.” Alfredo Ortiz talks to Dennis about the important 10 for 20 campaign this election, a major effort is underway at KeepAmericaAmerica.com

Dennis Prager 20200909 -2 Male/Female Hour: Withholding

Dennis broadcasts from the road, in Grand Rapids Michigan. This challenging hour asks callers the question: What have you not said to your spouse, that you wish you had? You don’t know how tall a tree is until it falls… Carpe Diem!

Dennis Prager 20200909 -1 What Does M.A.G.A Mean?

Dennis broadcasts from the road, in Grand Rapids Michigan. It used to be truth, justice, and the American way… not an angry unjust America. What percentage of college students feel lucky to live in America? Callers weigh in, several of which say that their children believe the Right is infiltrating the protests/riots to make them look bad?!

Dennis Prager 20200908 -2 Bad Fish

Dennis continues to describe what happened in separate incidents at Rochester and Pittsburgh restaurants over the weekend. Is this a new “civil rights” thing? Terrorizing white diners?… Dennis talks to Michael Anton, former national security official in the Trump administration; senior fellow at the Claremont Institute. His new book is The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return.

Dennis Prager 20200908 -1 Not American

American Airlines says that it’s going to allow its airline personnel to wear their BLM pins. Because, they say, we need to undo systemic racism. Why do they endorse a racist, fascist organization based on an obvious lie? Why antagonize so many customers?… Diners in Rochester and Pittsburgh were harassed while dining by BLM “protestors.”

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