Prager H3: Pro-Growth Party

Prager H3: The Democrats threw 4000 pages of little understood laws at business and expected economic growth. Dennis talks to Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal. Republicans need to establish themselves as the pro-growth party. Republicans don’t have compromise with the President. The President needs to compromise with them.

Prager H2: I Wish

Prager H2: Facing reality is a conservative idea. Wishing reality is the liberal approach. Dennis talks to Wes Moore, Rhodes Scholar and former special assistant to Condoleezza Rice at the State Department. His first book is, The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates.

Prager H1: No More Happiness in San Francisco

Prager H1: The McDonald’s Happy Meal has been banned in San Francisco. This is a paradigmatic of the Left’s desire to social engineer your life. Pennsylvania has tilted right with a Republican governor and Republican state legislature. California has tilted even further left. Let’s see which state performs better economically. By all rights, California should because it has all the advantages of weather and resources, but one is dubious.

Prager H3: Sinking into the Sea

Prager H3: California, contrary to the rest of the country, had a Democratic sweep. Now we get to see what a state run by the Left looks like.

Prager H2: Presidential Deafness

Prager H2: Did the American people repudiate the President’s agenda yesterday? The President doesn’t think so. It was all about the economy. Dennis intercuts between the Presidential press conference and commentary.

Prager H1: Repudiation

Prager H1: The Republicans achieved an astounding victory last night with huge wins in Congress and Governorships. The Senate wasn’t the sweep Republicans had been dreaming of, but big gains were made there, too. The only dark cloud: California.

Prager H3: Ultimate Issues: Politics According to the Bible

Prager H3: Dennis talks to Wayne Grudem, Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in Phoenix, Arizona. His new book is Politics – According to the Bible: A Comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in Light of Scripture.

Prager H2: Referendum Day

Prager H2: President Obama now regrets that he used the word “enemies” to describe Republicans. Has any President campaigned more than President Obama in a mid term election? He’s reduced himself to Democrat-in-Chief.

Prager H1: Election Themes

Prager H1: As voters go to the polls, Dennis recounts key election themes. The biggest: big government. Michelle Obama showers a Harry Reid rally with liberal platitudes. Callers have polling place horror stories.

Prager H3: The President’s Enemies List

Prager H3: Richard Nixon had an enemies list and was called a “fascist” for it. Barack Obama told Hispanic listeners to a radio to punish their enemies (presumably Republicans) and no one blinks. Dennis talks to Joe Miller, Republican candidate for Senate in Alaska. He’s involved in a brutal three way race. His main opponent is sour-grapes primary loser, Lisa Murkowski, but the real threat to his campaign has been an absurdly biased media. Dennis castigates the American Lung Association for campaigning against Prop 23 in California, propagating obvious untruths for their “cause.”

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