Prager 20110228-03 Reasons for Pessimism

Prager H3: DDennis is not sanguine about the chances for democracy sprouting forth any time soon in the Arab Middle East. Gaza is a good case in point. Since they were elected, Hamas has closed down bars, movie theatres, imposed speech and dress codes. And not held any new elections. Dennis talks to Michael Ledeen, senior scholar at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, about the latest from Iran and the Middle East.

Prager 20110228-02 Only in America

Prager H2: Dennis and Hugh Hewitt, his talk show colleague, discussed religion last night at a public event. Dennis summarizes. Arizona is considering legislation which would allow students over 21 and professors to carry concealed weapons. The professors are aghast.

Prager 20110228-01 A King’s Ransom

Prager H1: Dennis congratulates the winner of last night’s Academy Award for Best Picture, The King’s Speech, a movie which he thoroughly enjoyed. Will Hollywood make more movies like this or more silly, special effects movies?… Why aren’t police evicting protestors from the state capital in Wisconsin?… David Letterman is the paradigm liberal. When he hears the facts, as does during an interview with Rand Paul, he’s flummoxed.

Prager 20110225-03: Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: why does Dennis like Christians so much; what one question would Dennis want to ask an atheist; why did Dennis’s parents name him Dennis; where does Dennis get his values.

Prager 20110225-01: What a Lousy Country We Live In

Prager H1: Diane Sawyer highlights this startling fact in her prime time newscast: the US doesn’t provide paid maternity/paternity leave for all its citizens. Sweden does. But we don’t. Somehow this has become a human rights issue and the US is sadly deficient in Diane’s enlightened view. Democratic Ohio Senator, Sherrod Brown, says that the ability for public service unions to given millions of dollars to elect the officials with whom the unions negotiate their contract is a moral issue. He’s right. It’s immoral.

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