Prager 20110531 -3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Separation

Prager H3: In the eighth installment in his series explaining key Bible concepts, Dennis discusses the importance of separation. Among the important separations noted in the Bible are Man/God, Man/Animal, Man/Woman, and Sacred/Profane.

Prager 20110531 -2 Storied Franchise Failing

Prager H2: Attendance at Dodger games has plummeted. Credit bad management… More and more oil has been discovered in the USA. But environmentalist and the NY Times will do anything to stop it… Maureen Dowd, quoting the NY Times Paris correspondent, calls DSK’s attack on a housekeeper in New York France’s “Anita Hill moment.” The Left still hasn’t given up slandering Clarence Thomas.

Prager 20110531 -1 Mamet Turns Right

Prager H1: In an interview in the Wall Street Journal this weekend, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, and life-long liberal, David Mamet, credits Dennis with helping to turn him to conservatism… A new work of government-subsidized artistic genius can be found in Tucson… Germany is abandoning nuclear power. The powerful Green Party there is the big winner, but the nation will ultimately be the big loser.

Prager 20110530 – 3 They Didn’t Know

Prager H3: Looking back, we can see how battles turned out. Sometimes, with hindsight, victory seemed assured. But our soldiers who went into those battles had no idea what their fate would be. That’s courage… We need to do more to celebrate our victories in Iraq.

Prager 20110530 – 2 Honoring Memorial Day

Prager H2: Lee Habeeb, sitting in for Dennis, talks about his favorite war films. He also discusses the power of story-telling with former Reagan speech writer, Anthony Dolan.

Prager 20110530 – 1 Lee Habeeb Guest Hosts

Prager H1: On this Memorial Day, Dennis’ good friend, Lee Habeeb, guest hosts. Lee tells the story of Major Dick Winters, the commander of the legendary Band of Brothers combat unit.

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